Dwayne Johnson Net Worth 2021: Income, Endorsements, Supercars, Wages, Property, Affairs

Dwayne Johnson is one of the highest paid WWE and actor

Dwayne Johnson (a.k.a. The Rock) is not only an Icon in the wrestling business, not only a megastar in Hollywood but a phenomenal businessman. The former 10 times World Champion is considered not only the best talker in the modern history of professional wrestling, not only one of the best actors in Hollywood right now but is also one of the best businessmen in all of the USA with his projects like Project Rock, Teremana Tequila, 7 Bucks Studios, etc.

With humble beginnings in the family of the Samoan Dynasty, Dwayne started his education from Richmond Road Primary School in New Zealand for a brief period of time. Later after attending Montclaire Elementary School in Charlotte, North Carolina he moved to Hamden, Connecticut where he attended Shepherd Glen Elementary School and Hamden Middle School. He did struggle a lot from fighting, theft, fraud which led to multiple arrests till 1989 when he turned 17.

He came from a wrestling family with his father Rocky Johnson being the first black WWF Tag Team Champion, his mother Ata Johnson is a Samoan, his grandfather being High Chief Peter Maivia, and His Grandmother Lia Maivia being the first wrestling promoter in Samoa.

In 1991, Dwayne Johnson got a full scholarship from the University of Miami for playing like a Defensive Tackle in the team of Miami Hurricanes National Championship Team. Although his career never went well in football as he appeared in one game in 4 years of his course and even after being selected in Canadian Football League for Calagary Stampeders as a Linebacker, he got cut only in 2 months.

Later in 1996, Dwayne Johnson became a professional wrestling training under Rip Rogers, Pat Patterson, Rocky Johnson, Tom Prichard, Achim Albrecht, and Mark Henry. He signed a WWF Contract in the same year of training. His career turned out to be one of the most revolutionary careers in modern wrestling during his 6-year full-time run during which he had memorable feuds like Mankind, HHH, Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, Brock Lesnar, and many more. Later he became a part-timer from 2002 to 2004 and had a brief run in 2011-13.

His transition from Pro Wrestling to Acting was great since he had popularity from his wrestling career. He made a couple of TV appearances in 1999 and 2000. His first film as a lead role was The Mummy Returns in 2001 as The Scorpion King. He became consistent in acting later with the time being featured in films like The Scorpion King (2002), The Rundown (2003), Be Cool (2005), Reno 911!: Miami (2007), and Get Smart (2008).

His first box office hit was Fast Five (2011). The film became the 7th highest grossed film of 2011 and he became the main role of the Fast & Furious Franchise as Luke Hobbs. His next franchise feature was in G.I. Joe: Retaliation (2013). His success in Fast Franchise became a big role in his success after grossing millions of dollars year after year. His acting career continued with films like Hercules (2014), Central Intelligence (2016), Moana (2016), Baywatch (2017), Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017), Rampage & Skyscraper (2018), Jumanji: The Next Level (2019), Jungle Cruise (2021).

This part of his career made him World’s Most Grossing and Highest-Paid Actor.

Dwayne Johnson’s Net Worth

Dwayne Johnson’s days of struggle where he had 7 Dollars in his pocket are way behind his current wealthy days. This all came to him because of his hard work, dedication, patience. Now Rock is the world’s highest-grossing and highest-paid actor the world with $320 Million Dollars (Rs. 2373.60 Crores) as his net worth in 2021.

YearNet Worth (US$)
201664.5 Million
2017125 Million
2018124 Million
201989.4 Million
202087.5 Million
2021320 Million

Dwayne Johnson’s Income Sources 

Dwayne Johnson’s earning source in his wrestling days was his contract from his WWF Contract wherewith his base salary his extra money was Pay-Per-View bonuses and bonus money from Merchandise Sales in his full-time run.

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Later in his life, his income sources became his acting salaries and his endorsements like Project Rock, Teremana Tequila, ZOA Energy Drink, 7 Bucks Productions, Young Rock (NBC TV Show), XFL, Ballers (HBO Series).

USWA Contract1996
WWF Contract1996-2002. 2002-2004, 2011-2013
TV Shows1999- 2021/Now
Clothing Lines2016-Now
Beverages & Alcohol2020-2021/Now
Film Production2012-2021/Now
Football League (XFL)2020-Now

Dwayne Johnson’s WWE Salary

*Note (Wrestling contracts are very exclusive and hard to leak so we don’t have salaries from years 2002, 2003, 2004, 2011, 2013)

YearSalary (US$)

The Rock’s Wrestling Career Stats:-

Total Matches852
Total Wins452
Total Losses353
Total Draws47
Total Singles Matches465
Total Wins in Singles281
Total losses in Singles159
Total Championship Matches87
Total Championships19
World Championships10
Wrestler he had most matchesTriple H (156 matches)
Wrestler he wrestled leastTrish Stratus (1)
Total WrestleMania Main Events5 (1999, 2000, 2001, 2012, 2013)
WrestleMania W/L RecordWins – 4 Losses
SummerSlam W/L RecordWins – 2 Losses
Survivor Series W/L RecordWins – 2 Losses
Royal Rumble W/L Record4 Wins – 4 Losses

Dwayne Johnson’s Brand Endorsements

Dwayne Johnson’s success in the wrestling industry and in Hollywood resulted in the form of his worldwide audience. He is the brand ambassador of Under Armour. He is the founder of Teremana Tequila. He is the founder of his movie production company “7 Bucks Production”. He is the founder of ZOA Energy Drink. He is the producer of a celebrity wellness and witness event named “Athleticon”. He is the founder of an Under Armour partnered clothing line “Project Rock”.

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Dwayne Johnson Brand Endorsements:-

ClothingUnder Armour, Project Rock
BeverageZOA Energy Drink
AlcoholTeremana Tequila
TV ShowsThe Titan Games, Young Rock, Ballers
Special EventsAthleticon
Film Production7 Bucks Production
Sports LeagueXFL

Dwayne Johnson’s Movie Payments

Longshot : $30,000
The Mummy Returns : $4,360,133
The Scorpion King : $5,030,000
The Rundown : $5,030,000
Walking Tall : $5,030,000
Be Cool : $5,030,000
Doom : $589,873
Gridiron Gang : $444,809
Southland Tales : $33,747
Reno 911!: Miami : $30,000
The Game Plan : $1,508,805
Get Smart : $2,336,855
Planet 51: $1,086,471
Race to Witch Mountain : $1,093,871
Faster : $386,270
The Other Guys : $1,734,329
Tooth Fairy  $1,154,625
You Again  $30,000
Why Did I Get Married Too?  $30,000
Fast Five  $16,261,377
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island  $10,030,000
Empire State  $30,000
Fast and Furious 6  $39,480,000
G.I. Joe: Retaliation  $10,030,000
Pain and Gain  $891,753
Hercules  $10,030,000
Furious 7  $40,030,000
Jem and the Holograms  $30,000
San Andreas  $20,030,000
Central Intelligence  $14,000,000
Moana  $22,000,000
Baywatch  $9,000,000
Jumanji : Welcome to the Jungle  $19,000,000
Rampage  $20,000,000
Skyscraper  $22,000,000
Jumanji : The Next Level  $23,500,000
Jungle Cruise  $22,000,000

Dwayne Johnson’s Social Media Stats

Dwayne’s social media appearance is gigantic as he is the most followed American man on Instagram. The Rock is beloved by so many people all over the world that his gigantic presence is so influential that inspires people to achieve their dreams and follow their ambitions. He regularly posts workout videos that inspire a lot of people to improve their health. Below are the stats from his social media.

Instagram259 MillionClick Here
Facebook58 MillionClick Here
Twitter15.2 MillionClick Here

Dwayne Johnson’s Luxury Cars

The Rock has a unique car collection. This collection has some of the old-designed cars and some modern beasts in the car industry.

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This tabular list will clarify all the information about The Great One’s car collection.

CarPrice (in US$)
Ford F-150$53,455
1971 Chevy Chevelle$49,900
Pagani Huayra$1,300,000
Ferrari LaFerrari$1,416,362
2017 Ford GT$450,000
Lamborghini Huracan$214,866
Rolls Royce Wraith$300,000
Plymouth Prowler$50,000

Dwayne Johnson’s Property

The residence of the Brahma Bull is in the small Georgia town of power springs being that it is 45 minutes north of Atlanta. The mansion costs $10 Million. The reported structure of this mansion consists of 8 bedrooms, a pool house, a riding arena (w/ viewing deck), a farmhouse built for the caretakers. The size of this mansion is a 46-acre estate.

The Rock’s other residence under his possession is in Los Angeles, CA. This property is very expensive as it costs $45 Million. The house consists of 6 bedrooms, a bathroom home being 11.5’ and 1637sq m of floor space.

He also owns a farm in Virginia. The other home the Johnson family is in Southwest Ranches, Florida. This home costs $3.4 Million. With an area of 13,000 sq. ft, it has 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, Home Theater, Gym, Swimming Pool, Expanded grounds.

Dwayne Johnson’s Personal Life

Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2nd, 1972 in Hayward, California. His father Mr. Rocky Johnson was a Black Nova Scotian and he wanted his son to be an NFL football player. The Rock’s mother Ata Johnson was a Samoan. He was a big fan of pro wrestling. He was a naturally gifted athlete which led him to get a full scholarship at the University of Miami.

Dwayne Johnson’s Family Life

Dwayne Johnson was first married to IFBB professional bodybuilder, producer, and businesswoman Dany Garcia. They got married on May 3rd, 1997. They were parents of a daughter who is currently under WWE Developmental contract Simone Johnson. The couple mutually divorced in 2007 which was finalized in 2008 and they are still great friends and they both are involved in most of The Rock’s business deals.

Dwayne after that dated Sib Hashian’s daughter Lauren Hashian. They got married after a long time of dating on August 18th, 2019). They are parents of 2 daughters (Jasmine and Tiana).

Unknown Facts about Dwayne Johnson

  • The Rock spent some time in New Zealand for primary education.
  • Dwayne Johnson has a degree in Criminology and Physiology.
  • Dwayne Johnson has the record of most selfies taken in 3 minutes (1-5 selfies). He took those selfies at the red carpet premiere of San Andreas.
  • The word “SmackDown” is the creation of The Rock. He used it in his catchphrases which eventually led to the creation of WWF’s Thursday show SmackDown.
  • The Rock was a part of the first launch of Microsoft’s X-Box gaming console with Bill Gates.

FAQ’s about The Rock

Q- Is “Brahma Bull” one of The Rock’s nicknames?

Ans- Yes

Q- Did The Rock ever wrestle for WCW?

Ans-Nope. The Rock never wrestled for any company besides WWF/WWE.

Q- Did The Rock wrestle Bret Hart?

Ans- No.

Q- The Rock’s WWF Championship was saved from backstage politics by whom?

Ans- The Undertaker

Q- How many matches did Rock wrestle in his full-time run from 1996-2002?

Ans- 838 Matches from 1996 to 2002

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