Hugh Edmeades Net Worth 2022: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family


Who is Hugh Edmeades and What is his Net worth?

NameHugh Edmeades
Age62 Years 
Net Worth£5 Million 
Source of Incomes Auctioneer
Last UpdatedFebruary 2021

Interestingly during 2022 IPL Auctions, one person who was all over the media and news was not a cricketer. Hugh Edmeades recently made headlines during 2022 IPL auctions after he suffered some health complications and fell on the ground during the live auction which led to the postponement of Auctions and emergency medical calls.

Hugh Edmeades is a renowned auctioneer and most noticeably known for his appearance at IPL auctions from the 2019 season. Everyone is now wondering who this man is and what his source of earning and his career timeline.

Firstly to start off, Hugh Edmeades hails from England and was born in 1960. He completed his Schooling at a Rugby School in London. He is a Christian by religion and in this article, we tell you everything about Mr. Hugh Edmeades and how he became the most powerful auctioneer in the world. We will also discuss his net worth and lifestyle.

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Hugh Edmeades Net Worth

Hugh Edmeades Net Worth 1

Hugh Edmeades has been in the auction business for more than 35 years now and made big money through it. His current net worth is around £5 Million. He shifted to freelancing auctioning in 2016 which led to a big pay rise in his earnings compared to being an auctioneer full-time.

Personal life and Family life of Hugh Edmeades

Full nameHugh Edmeades 
Date of Birth 1960
Birth PlaceLondon, United Kingdom 
Marital Status Married
Famous forIPL Auctioneer
Height 5’7
School Rugby School 
College Primary University, UK
Qualifications Graduate 
Nationality British

Hugh Edmeades’s Career 

Hugh Edmeades is a veteran in the Auction business and has experience of over 35 years. He has conducted more than 2,500 auctions during his illustrious career with the sum of those auctions exceeding £2.7 Billion. He mainly auctions the International Fine art paintings, classic cars, and charities.

He has worked all around the globe from China to South Africa. In 2004, he auctioned 88 Guitars of Eric Clapton to raise money of £7.4 Million. He has auctioned many valuable items from Nelson Mandela’s paintings to James Bond movie belongings. In 2016, he stepped back from full-time auction duties to do freelance Auctions. In 2019, he became the only 2nd person to be appointed auctioneer for IPL by BCCI.

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2022 IPL Auction Incident 

Recently during 2022 IPL auctions, Hugh was involved in a heartbreaking moment where he fell down during live auction which led to a mid-way halt and medical emergency. He was admitted to the hospital and reportedly he fell due to low blood pressure. Doctors stated that he suffered from postural hypotension which was due to a change in position after being at one state for a long duration.

He was admitted to hospital and Charu Sharma took over auction duties after a halt of one hour. Fortunately, he was fine and BCCI released a video in the evening of Mr. Hugh being fit and fine. Hugh returned to auction on the last day for the last set of players which was saluted by all people around the world.

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Hugh Edmeades’s Salary

Hugh Edmeades Net Worth 2

Hugh Edmeades worked as a full-time auctioneer till 2016 and after that, he shifted to freelance auctioning. He has been around the auction scene for more than 35 years and earned big bucks through it. His current net worth is around £5 Million but details about his salary are unknown. Currently, he only does freelance auctioning and is not contracted with any agencies.

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Hugh Edmeades Social Media Appearance

Hugh Edmeades is 62 years old but still is very active on the social media scene. He owns a website also where he has posted information about his profession and his journey. Hugh is very much active on social media platforms especially on Instagram after he was appointed auctioneer for IPL in 2019. 

Social Media PlatformFollowers
Instagram3,967 followers 
WebsiteHugh Edmeades

Hugh Edmeades’s House

Hugh Edmeades Net Worth 3

Hugh Edmeades is from London, United Kingdom and according to his website, he currently lives in London only. Hugh is a world-famous auctioneer and has a big net worth also. The information about his house and properties is still unknown but given his stature and experience in the auction business, he definitely would have a luxurious house or apartment in London.

Famous and Unknown Facts of Hugh Edmeades 

  • Hugh Edmeades completed his Schooling from Rugby School 
  • He has auctioned items from the Royal family as well including Late Elizabeth Taylor.
  • In 2004, Hugh sold famous Audrey Hepburn’s Black dress from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for £467,000
  • He has done charities auctions around the world over 30 mega cities including New York, London, Beijing, Mumbai
  • In 2008, he was auctioneer at Nelson Mandela’s 90th Birthday Gala in London 
  • In 2016, he resigned from role as full-time auctioneer 
  • In 2018, he became only 2nd person to be appointed Auctioneer at IPL
  • He has been part of more than 2,500 auctions 
  • Sum of his total auctions exceeds the £2.7 Billion mark.

FAQs about Hugh Edmeades

Q. Hugh Edmeades is from which country?


Q. What is the age of Hugh Edmeades?


Q. Did Hugh Edmeades suffer from heart attack at IPL auctions 2022?

No, he fell down due to low blood pressure 

Q. Which was Hugh Edmeades’s first IPL auction year?


Q. Is Hugh Edmeades a former cricketer?


Q. What is Hugh Edmeades net worth?

£5 Million

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