Mike Tyson Net Worth 2021: Income, Endorsements, Cars, Wages, Property, Affairs, Family

Mike Tyson Net Worth

When a boxer steps into those loose ropes and that 20×20 or 24×24 canvas, the objective of that boxer is to end his opponent in a way that everyone remembers the footage forever. U can say that you remember the footage of wins of the legendary “Iron” Mike Tyson. The Brownsville, NY native has given us the glory years of boxing which were post-Muhammad Ali years i.e. 1980s–1990s. Legendary fights like Trevor Berbick, James Smith, Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks, Buster Douglas, Evander Holyfield, Francois Botha, Lennox Lewis are still on our minds.

The boxing fans always ran wild whenever Michael Buffer introduced him to the main event. Fans screamed “Iron”, chanted Mike every time whenever they saw him. Everyone betted and rooted for him because in the ring he was so dangerous that everyone assumed a one-punch knockout.

Not to mention he is the main reason for the increasing popularity of WWF in the attitude era during Monday Night Wars. He was the machine behind the rise of Steve Austin.

Mike Tyson Career Statistics

Total Fights62
Total Wins50
Total Losses6
No Contests + Not scored5 (2 NC , 3 Not Scored)
Total Draws1
Wins By KnockOut44
Wins By Decision5
Wins By DQ1
Losses By KnockOut5
Losses By Decision0
Losses By DQ1
Total Championships6
Total Ring Heavyweight Titles1
Total WBC Belts2
Total IBF Belts1
Total WBA Belts2
Longest ReignWBC title (1986-1990)
Shortest ReignWBA title (63 days, 1996)
Total Combined Days of title runs1615 Days
KnockOuts Under 1-3 Rounds34
KnockOuts Under 4-8 Rounds9
KnockOuts Under 9-12 Rounds1

Mike Tyson Career Accomplishments

  • 1x Ring Heavyweight Champion
  • 2x WBC Heavyweight Champion
  • 2x WBA Heavyweight Champion
  • 1x IBF Heavyweight Champion
  • 2X Ring Magazine Fighter of the Year (1986, 1988)
  • 2x Sugar Ray Robinson award Winner (1987, 1989)
  • International Boxing Hall Of Fame Inductee (2011)
  • WWE Hall of Famer (Class of 2012)

Mike Tyson Pro Boxing PPV Buys in his Every fight (since June of 1988)

No.DateFightPPV Buys
16/27/88Tyson vs Spinks700k
23/18/91Tyson vs Ruddock960k
36/28/91Tyson vs Ruddock II1.25 M
48/19/95Tyson vs McNeely1.6 M
53/16/96Tyson vs Bruno II1.4 Million
69/7/96Tyson vs Seldon1.15 M
711/9/96Tyson vs Holyfield1.6 Million
86/28/97Tyson vs Holyfield II1.99 M
91/16/99Tyson vs Botha750k
1010/20/99Tyson vs Golota450k
116/8/02Lewis vs Tyson1.97 M
122/22/03Tyson vs Etienne100k
137/30/04Tyson vs Williams150k
146/11/05Tyson vs McBride250k
1511/28/20Tyson vs Jones1.6 M
M3/16/96Frank Bruno vs Mike Tyson II600k
176/28/97Holyfield vs Tyson II550k
181/29/06Tyson vs Francis500k
196/08/02Lewis vs Tyson750k

Mike Tyson Relationship Status

Mike Tyson has been married three times. His first marriage was to actress Robin Givens and only lasted a year.

After his release from prison, he married pediatrician, Monica Turner.

In 2009, he married his present wife Lakiha Spicer. He has seven children: Gena, Rayna, Amir, D’Amato Kilrain, Mikey Lorna, Miguel Leon, and Morocco. An eighth child, Exodus, died in 2009.

Mike Tyson Net Worth

Since Mike is retired now it is pretty much hard to find out the earnings since boxing earnings are easy to find out for the current fighters and really hard for retired fighters. However, according to reports the Net Worth of Brownsville’s favorite son in 2021 is $10 Million. This amount of money is way more than a lot of professional wrestlers and UFC Fighters in today’s market.

Mike Tyson Car Collection

FERRARI F50  $475000
1985 MERCEDES BENZ 380 SL$40000
FERRARI F-456 GD SPYDER  $1.5 million

Mike Tyson Residential Profile

The Iron lives currently in Henderson, NV since 2016. The family according to different websites inherit the 2-Storey system. This system is a part of their planned community called Seven Hills. His mansion is very suitable for his family of 4 as they have 6 bedrooms, 6 ½ bathrooms, a high ceiling living area, a large kitchen, and the focal point of the home is the swimming pool surrounded by gorgeous green foiling.

Mike Tyson Appearances in TV and Movies


Play it to the Bone2000
When will I be loved2004
Rocky Balboa2006
The Hangover2009
The Hangover Part II2011
Scary Movie V2013
Grudge Match2013
I Am Ali2014
IP Man 32015
Meet the Blacks2016
Back In The Day2016
Kickboxer : Retaliation2018
Tyler Perry’s A Medea Family Funeral2019

Mike Tyson Brand Endorsements

In 1986, when Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in history, he got endorsement deals from substantial brands like Pepsi, Nintendo, Eastman Kodak, EA Sports just to name a few. However, when it came out that Tyson was hitting his then-wife Robin Givens, naturally brands began to distance themselves away from him.

Tyson cleared his public image by appearing in various movies and TV shows, which earned him new endorsements. Some of his recent deals include Smart Cups, Parimatch, Manscaped and CopperGel.

He is also doing a podcast called HotBoxin’. He works that show with his co host Henry Cejudo.

FAQ’s about Mike Tyson

Is it true that Mike Tyson once spent $2.2 Million to buy a 24k gold bathtub?


How many championships did Mike Tyson win?

6 (2 WBC, 2 WBA, 1 IBF, 1 Ring Heavyweight)

In which fight did Mike bit his opponent’s ear?

His fight in 1997 against Evander Holyfield.

When did Mike Tyson first lose?

His first loss was against Buster Douglas in 1990 where lost all 4 of his heavyweight belts

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