BGMI and PUBG New State Mobile Roster For Team XSpark Announced By Scout

Scout TeamXSpark

Tanmay “Scout” Singh is the owner of TeamXSpark (Tx) and one of the most eminent BGMI players in the country. He has now confirmed that Harmandeep “Mavi” Singh, his former teammate, has not joined TeamXSpark. Further, Scout disclosed the other team members of the new roster for PUBG New State Mobile for Team SXpark. 

Aditya “Aditya” Mathe, Vaibhav “Humanoid” Kashyap, Darklord, Syed, Scout, and Sarangajyoti “Sarang” Deka are all part of the organization’s new New State Mobile roster. He said that the organization would be represented by the same roster in both BGMI and New State Mobile.

Scout on BGMI players in PUBG New State Mobile

Scout has earlier addressed how the prowess of BGMI players can help to a great deal in PUBG New State Mobile. He said: “BGMI players have an advantage over New State players, and you will believe that. I genuinely feel like that. I think if all of the BGMI pros switch to New State, the average skill level of New State will become insanely high.”

According to Scout, Mavi is not a member of TeamXSpark. A user asked Scout during a recent Instagram live video if Mavi, a former teammate and professional BGMI player, was still a member of TeamXSpark. To this, he said, “Mavi will join a new organization according to his requirements. Currently, he is not a part of Tx.”

TeamXSpark new roster for PUBG New State Mobile 

Later on in the livestream, a question regarding TeamXSpark’s New State Mobile lineup was posed to Scout. In response, Scout revealed that Aditya, Humanoid, Darklord, Syed, Scout, and Sarang are all members of TeamXSpark’s New State Mobile lineup.

Sarang recently competed for Team XO in the Snapdragon Pro Series New State Mobile Open India. The group earned a spot in the tournament’s championship game and won it. Sarang, however, just disclosed that he had joined TeamXSpark.

He unexpectedly said that he wouldn’t be on the New State Mobile roster. Scout described how Sarang’s inclusion on the roster would operate. He said, “Sarang will be available for Tx in the events where his main lineup is not playing.”

Finally, a viewer questioned him about the TeamXSpark representative for BGMI. In response, Scout made it known that the team will represent the organization in both games. With this new and talented roster, TeamXSpark hopes to improve on its previous results in the next competitions.

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