BGMI Tips & Tricks: How To Increase F/D Ratio In BGMI

BGMI F/D Ratio

In BGMI, one of the primary factors that others look at when they view your BGMI profile is your F/D ratio to ascertain how good you are at the game. Although BGMI is a survival-based game, the number of chicken dinners you have earned will not prove your mettle in the game if you do not possess a good F/D ratio. It is often this factor that distinguishes between pro-players and casual gamers. So if you are looking for ways to improve your F/D ratio, here are some tips that can help you out:

What is F/D ratio in BGMI?

F/D ratio means the ratio of your finishes (kills) to your deaths in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Therefore, if a player has 10 finishes and 5 deaths, his F/D ratio will be 10/2 = 5.

Tips to increase BGMI F/D ratio

It may seem difficult to increase your BGMI F/D ratio at first, but by applying some tactics, you can easily maintain a good F/D ratio. Keep in mind that each match is important for the same and getting eliminated early on in the match can deteriorate your F/D ratio to a large extent.

1. Drop at hotspots

This can be quite tricky since if you drop at a hotspot and get eliminated early on, it could ruin your chances of increasing your BGMI F/D as mentioned earlier. However, a good plan would be to drop at a hotspot like Pochinki or School and get a weapon immediately. You will thus begin the game with a lot of kills if you land correctly and quickly before your enemies.

2. Practice in TDM / Training ground

Practice is the key with a lot of things, and the same goes for increasing your BGMI F/D ratio. Those that play BGMI need to continuously hone their abilities. Those who have poor aim and slow reflexes will always lose to players with superior aim and quick reactions. Players may practice in TDM mode or the training ground. They will ultimately be able to win more gunfights in classic matches as a result of improving their 1v1 fighting skills.

3. Strategize effectively

A battle-royale game like BGMI requires intensive strategizing if you are to excel in it. This could vary from maintaining higher ground from your enemies, flanking, looking out for fights between two enemy groups, etc. Do not simply rush to combat, rather, plan your every move carefully.

4. Loot the right weapons

Weapons and attachments can make or break your entire game. Ensure that you have the right combination of weapons and a good scope to help you amass those kills. You could have an AR and a sniper or an SMG like the UZI if you prefer short-range combats. 

5. Look for knocked-out players

This is a rather easy, but looked-down-upon tip, of finishing off already knocked out enemies. Also known as ‘kill-stealing’, if you find a knocked out player or bot, try your best to finish the kill. You might anger some opponents in the process, but it is an easy way to get those much-need kills.

Following these tips is bound to increase your BGMI F/D ratio. Keep in mind that this cannot be an immediate process and will undoubtedly take some time to master. Continue practicing and you will succeed in no time.

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