BGMI Unban Updates January 2023


BGMI unban has been highly anticipated for more than half a year at this point. The BGMI community has had a confusing few days as a result of the steady flow of news around the potential BGMI unban.

The game is presently in the middle of the same old cycle. Battlegrounds Mobile India fans were confused as there were indications on the game that the current cycle will end on January 18, 2023 and that a new cycle would start. Many content creators also began stating that a new cycle is about to start. Many asserted that the new cycle will be reset, according to the sources. 

However, today, January 18, BGMI has once again reverted back to its old cycle. This thus shows no sign of a possible BGMI return date. However, according to certain Indian esports organisations, BGMI will be coming back to the country. We can thus see a possible return in the upcoming months.

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