Call Of Duty Warzone 2 New Map Details

Call of Duty Ashika Island

Call of Duty has officially revealed the forthcoming Warzone 2 resurgence map. Even though the community has been calling for it for a very long time, Activision has only announced the map’s release in season 2.

The brand-new map will be called “Ashika Island,” Call of Duty’s official Twitter account disclosed in a recent post. Additionally, a tiny preview of the map was shared along with the day of Warzone 2‘s big map unveiling. The unidentified little region that Ashika Island, often referred to as “Isle of the Sea Lion,” is a part of is situated somewhere in the Asia Pacific area.

Ashika island

Old shoreline fortifications and mixed farming, housing, and industrial use make up the majority of Ashika Island’s northwest region. One of the three towers that serve as prominent markers on the island is the Comms Tower. It is situated on a little spit of sand surrounded by rocks and a sea wall.

It is near the island’s extreme northwest corner. A large mound of rotting concrete waste and two wartime structures that are currently undergoing significant destruction are further within a small, sandy cove with stones strewn around, dolos barriers that are partially submerged, and access to the main island and the water treatment facility to the east.

A huge agricultural enterprise with a yard, cargo docks, and eight distinct greenhouse buildings, each with a rooftop numbered separately to help with locating is present. In this, various crops are cultivated, as shown by the cartoon fruit or vegetable on the walls.

The entrance and auxiliary maintenance warehouses are located towards the southeast. The western and southern portions of the island include a harbor with strong sea wall fortifications. There are tourist attractions and a ferry terminal to the northwest of the major undersea canal. To go to a hotel and market area with another gas station and the semicircular City Hall building, players can cross the canal bridges.

Residential Area

Two concrete barriers are positioned further out into the water to stop tidal flooding. This project is finished with a tiny boat launch. Visitors can get off the ferries that often come to the island before the latest wars started at a dock coated in steel. The Tourist Center is easily accessible from the jetty. 

Some residential housing is located between a few industrial buildings. This is on the lower ground to the north and east of the Farms and allotments, underneath the castle battlements. There are many sites to explore, both above ground and beneath, and they are all easily accessible by paved highways.

Final Thoughts

Players may only play in the traditional battle royale mode in both Warzone 2’s DMZ and Activision’s Warzone Caldera. This is due to the removal of Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep. It is possible that more players will begin playing in the upcoming campaign thanks to the rebirth of a new resurgent map.

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