Fortnite Balance Changes Brought In By Epic Games


Balancing adjustments have recently been made to Fortnite Battle Royale on March 16. Epic Games released these changes along with a brief patch that altered a number of the game’s weaponry.

Although Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 was launched last Friday, several gamers have expressed dissatisfaction with specific weaponry. The most recent patch aims to balance the game and increase the effectiveness of some weapons.

Fortnite balance changes

Fortnite Season 9 saw the debut of the Combat Shotgun. This weapon is special because of how quickly it fires and how far it can shoot. The shotgun has been vaulted several times, but in Chapter 4 Season 2 it was brought back.

The most recent update gave the weapon a boost because Epic Games believed it wasn’t as powerful as it should be. The Combat Shotgun will be more effective against both players and structures since the damage per pellet has increased.

Moreover, Epic Games has improved the Dragon’s Breath Sniper Rifle. The exotic weapon now shoots more quickly. However, it is still one of the most rare ones at the time.

Only Holo-Chests contain the sniper rifle, which needs two unlocking keys to access. Keys may be acquired from CRZ-8, an NPC located in Bamboo Circle, north of Mega City, or they can be discovered haphazardly across the island.

Bug Fixes 

The bug that made the Havoc Suppressed Assault Rifle 100% accurate when sliding was also fixed in the most recent Fortnite patch.

Many Reality Augments’ effectiveness has also been decreased as a result of the most recent Fortnite balancing patch. With the Medium Ammo Amp augment, players will no longer receive a 33% magazine boost because the bonus has been reduced to 20%.

Players may get medium bullets while sliding in Chapter 4 of Season 2 by using the Munitions Slide perk. The pace at which ammo is given with this bonus, nevertheless, has been slowed down by Epic Games.

Yet, the augment is still useful and ideal for individuals who utilise assault rifles and DMR.

Additionally, a bug that made the Chug Cannon’s recharge time quicker when obtained with the Chug Gunner perk been resolved by the development team.

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