Fortnite Bans Twitch Streamer Clix: Find Out Why


Twitch streamer Cody “Clix” revealed on Twitter, that he has received a 14-day Fortnite ban after participating in the $100 Cash Cup. 

Clix was suspended according to an in-game notification because he appeared to be working together with a rival.

He described the event in a six-minute video that was shared on Twitter. He stated that he spoke with Epic Games, who said the ban will continue to be in effect.

Clix said in the opening moments of the Twitter video that he has been suspended from Fortnite for two weeks. He went on to explain what this implies for his future as a professional gamer:

“I’m banned for two weeks. If you guys didn’t know, this means that I can’t play in FNCS (Fortnite Champion Series) Grand Finals and I can’t also play in the next FNCS, in a month. So, that means I can’t go to the LAN event, and obviously, and I can’t play for the next four months, for FNCS.”

Clix on his conversation with Epic Games

He also spoke about his conversation with Epic Games regarding the ban: 

“I had a call with Epic. As of right now, it’s going to be like that. As of right now, it’s going to stay like that. I pray to god, something changes. Since this is my life. I moved here for this.”

The highlight video from the game that led to Clix’s ban from Fortnite was then shown. He displayed the gameplay of “User-6caf00f27,” another banned gamer. 

Clix alleged that the other person followed and stream-sniped him:

“So, this individual, User-blah, blah, blah, he also got banned. He got banned for the same time, which is two weeks. So, let’s just start real quick. So, for the whole game, chat… and for the whole stream, chat, the whole game event, he beat me the whole time. He’s following me since the start. He’s been following me. Shooting me. He’d done over 350 damage to me. The whole, entire game.”

Reactions of Clix and his fans to the Fortnite ban

Cody identified the user whose Twitter bio had the term “N1 (number one) Clix Hater.” On Twitter, the Fortnite expert also displayed the user’s direct chats and added:

“This is him. He’s 15 and his bio, ‘Number one Clix hater.’ And he also messaged me and said, ‘My bad, bro. Don’t want anything bad to happen, I did it as a joke, lol.’ So, this guy, in his bio, is, ‘Number 1 Clix hater.'”

Clix elaborated on how the player tried to get him banned on purpose: 

“He purposely did this, to get me banned. He purposely did all this. Literally, in his bio, chat! It literally says, like, ‘Number 1 Clix hater.’ Like, I’m not even trolling! He literally tweeted, like, all this stuff. Like, I’m not even trolling! But, that’s some proof real quick.”

Clix also issued a formal apology and stated that he hopes the consequences will get lowered. His fans seem to be quite agitated by this lengthy ban and also hope that Epic Games will reconsider it.

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