Free Fire Fighter Top-Up Event Details, Guide To Get Free Rewards

Free Fire

Free Fire cosmetics are one of the biggest attractions of the game. It keeps the game fun and adds aesthetic appeal for the players. Free Fire features a huge selection of cosmetics. These cosmetic goods may be acquired in a variety of ways, including by taking part in top-up events, Luck Royales, and other activities.

Top-up events are very beneficial for players since they may buy in-game currency to be eligible for free cosmetic item rewards. Free Fire MAX now offers access to the brand-new Fighter Top-Up event.

The prizes for the event are a Dangerous Curse Katana skin and a Kitsune Kami Sports Car skin. All the details of the Free Fire Fighter Top-Up Event are given below.

Free Fire MAX Fighter Top-Up Event Rewards

Players enjoy Free Fire MAX top-up events because they can buy cosmetics without needing diamonds, and they can buy more cosmetics with the in-game cash they already own.

Players may take advantage of the most recent Fighter Top-Up event, which began on January 24, 2023, and will run until January 29, 2023.

Any diamond purchase will contribute toward both of the ongoing Free Fire MAX top-up event’s two criteria. Therefore, only 300 diamonds need to be collected by players to qualify for both of the free rewards. The following list outlines the prerequisites for the current event to get rewards:

  • Purchase 100 diamonds to get a free Katana – Dangerous Curse
  • Purchase 300 diamonds to get a free Sports Car – Kitsune Kami

Price of Free Fire Diamond Packs

The prices of each of the diamond packs in Free Fire MAX are:

  • 100 diamonds for ₹80
  • 310 diamonds for ₹240
  • 520 diamonds for ₹400
  • 1060 diamonds for ₹800
  • 2180 diamonds for ₹1600
  • 5600 diamonds for ₹4000

How to get free Katana skin and Sportscar skin

The procedure listed below can be used to add diamonds to your Free Fire MAX account and earn rewards from the new event. The rewards include a free Katana and a free Sportscar skin. This will definitely be a wonderful addition to any Free Fire players’ collection.

  • First, go to the official Free Fire MAX top-up page.
  • Find the diamond pack of your choice and click the button to finish the payment.
  • You will be qualified to receive the benefits from the new top-up event after the diamonds have been deposited into your account. 
  • Navigate to the events section and choose Fighter Top-Up.
  • To claim the free products, click the claim button next to the prizes that are offered. Since it is not needed to use premium in-game currency, all the things offered during the top-up event are free. Diamond purchases are only necessary while the event is taking place.

The occasion increases the worth of in-game top-ups. Players should ideally wait for these events to take place before making a purchase since events are a frequent part of the game. Considering that there are only 4 days left before the conclusion of the event, players should make use of this time effectively.

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