Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass Season 5 Buy Or Spin Discount Event Details

Free Fire MAX

For Free Fire MAX users looking to purchase in-game goodies without exhausting their account balance, Booyah Pass presents a compelling alternative. 

Players on the Indian server may soon be able to take advantage of the new Booyah Pass Season 5 Buy or Spin Discount event. This is according to a recent leak from VIPClown_ofc, a well-known data miner in the community. 

Players can try their luck to purchase the pass for less than the actual cost.

Free Fire MAX leaks are common and most often credible. The upcoming Neon Drifterz Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass Season 5 leaks are also now accessible.

The data miner’s history of informing the Free Fire MAX community about in-game events, Booyah Pass, and other items before the official in-game release gives the leaks even more credence. 

In light of the information provided, Garena may soon host a similar event for gamers. 

Free Fire MAX Buy Or Spin Discount event

The in-game posters for the Booyah Pass Season 5 Buy or Spin Discount event were posted by VIPClown_ofc. He stressed the fact that players on the Indian server would be able to participate in the next event.

Images of additional possible rewards, such as Cube Fragment, Pet Food, Diamond Royale Voucher, and Weapon Royale Voucher, are also displayed on the poster.

But neither the release date of the upcoming event nor the amount of diamonds that players will need to use to make spins were disclosed by the data miner. 

The Buy or Spin Discount event, nevertheless, could be accessible in the first few days of May. This is given the fact that Free Fire MAX Booyah Pass Season 5 will be live in that month.

Although the data miner acknowledged the event in his post, it is still considered a leak until Garena formally announces it or incorporates it into the game. 

The official announcement regarding the event will most likely come soon by Garena themselves.

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