Free Fire MAX: How To Win Free Innocence Haven Bundle In Faded Wheel

Innocence Haven Bundle

The Divine Angels Faded Wheel has been announced in Free Fire by Garena. The event will last for one week, until January 10, 2023. The event will include two spectacular costume packs as its main rewards. Users who are interested can pay in-game money to purchase the two outfits comprising the innocence haven bundle.

There are a total of 10 unique items available. Players must eliminate two of them from the prize pool before they start spinning.

Once the two undesired objects have been eliminated, they can spin the wheel by using Free Fire diamonds. Users will acquire both bundles within eight spins since any things they receive will be greyed out, ensuring their success.

The cost of the first spin is nine diamonds. The cost of the remaining spins are:

  • 2nd spin: 19 diamonds
  • 3rd spin: 39 diamonds
  • 4th spin: 69 diamonds
  • 5th spin: 99 diamonds
  • 6th spin: 149 diamonds
  • 7th spin: 199 diamonds
  • 8th spin: 499 diamonds

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