Free Fire MAX: How To Win Vagabond Bundle and Technojoy Gloo Wall 

Free Fire MAX

Three Luck Royales, each delivering a different set of rewards, are presently running simultaneously, in the Free Fire MAX Indian server. The most recent version started today, giving players access to brand-new items with a Chroma Futura theme.

The two grand prizes in Faded Wheel are the Gloo Wall – Technojoy and the Bionic Vagabond Bundle. You may also choose from six additional items in addition to this one. It is crucial to emphasize that, compared to the past, players must now pay diamonds in order to receive even one item from the initial spin.

Free Fire Faded Wheel Rewards Cost

On March 5, 2023, the new Free Fire Faded Wheel with the two unique rewards became live. Up to March 11, 2023, you can still get the rewards from the Luck Royale.

The price of drawing the prizes steadily grows with the likelihood of winning the top prize in this Luck Royale, which has no set spin costs. The first spin costs nine diamonds, while the next ones cost 19, 39, 69, 99, 149, 199, and 499 diamonds, in that order.

Steps to get Vagabond Bundle & Technojoy Gloo Wall

To get the benefits from the new Free Fire MAX event, you must follow the procedure given below:

  • Open Luck Royale after logging into your Free Fire MAX account, and a vast list of potential options will be shown.
  • Choose the Faded Wheel with the Bionic Vagabond Bundle and Gloo Wall – Technojoy.
  • Decide which two items you don’t want to get. Then, confirm the option.
  • Use diamonds in order to spin the wheel and win a prize at random from the prize pool.

Despite the fact that there is no set likelihood of receiving a certain prize, you can acquire all eight rewards by completing eight spins. Therefore, it is a tremendous opportunity to gain these rewards.

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