Free Fire MAX Work Hard Play Hard Event: Steps To Get Free Technojoy Pan

Free Fire Pan

In Free Fire MAX, the Work Hard Play Hard event has been released by Garena with even more enticing rewards. A free Techno Chopper and 10x Chroma Data Chips were offered in the initial version as rewards for spending 200 minutes playing the game.

The amount of rewards has been somewhat increased this time and now includes Pan – Technojoy, Craftland Room Card, and 10x Chroma Data Chips. To gain all of these rewards in your account, you can play the game for the allotted time.

Free Fire MAX Work Hard Play Hard event

As part of the Chroma Futura series, the next edition of the new Work Hard Play Hard event has become accessible in Free Fire MAX beginning March 3, 2023. Free Fire players  have until March 6, 2023, to choose to claim the rewards.

All you need to do to qualify for the rewards is play the game for the specified amount of time.

During the current Free Fire MAX Work Hard Play Hard event, the prerequisites and associated rewards are as follows:

  • Play 100 minutes to get free 10x Chroma Data Chips
  • Play 150 minutes to get a free Pan – Technojoy
  • Play 200 minutes to get a free Craftland Room Card (Time Limit 2 hours)

These requirements aren’t distinct but rather complement one another. As a result, the playtime will count towards all three, and after spending 200 minutes playing Free Fire MAX, you may claim all the rewards.

Also, Garena has not placed any limitations on the mode; as a result, you can finish it in whatever mode you like. 

How to get free Technojoy Pan in Free Fire MAX

  • To gather the necessary playtime, log into your Free Fire MAX account and choose your favourite mode.
  • The events tab allows you to keep track of the playtime’s progression. You may pick up the aforementioned rewards from the event area after the necessary conditions have been satisfied.
  • Open the Work Hard Play Hard menu item from the menu on the left after selecting the Chroma Futura tab.
  • To obtain the available items, click the activated Claim button next to them.

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