Free Fire MAX M1887 Ring Event: How To Get Eagle Gaze M1887

Free Fire MAX M1887

The Free Fire MAX M1887 Ring event has debuted the eagerly awaited Eagle Gaze M1887 and a few additional skins for the particular shotgun.

Free Fire players can choose to spend diamonds to get the available cosmetics during the Free Fire MAX M1887 Ring event. The event will continue for about two weeks. 

The event started on April 10, 2023, and lasts until April 23, 2023 in Free Fire MAX.

Free Fire MAX M1887 Ring Event Prize Pool

The prize pool for the event contains four M1887 gun skins, Sacred Rune Tokens, and other prizes. 

Players can spin the wheel throughout the event to win a random item from the prize pool.

Following are the details of the event’s prize pool:

  • M1887 – Eagle Gaze
  • M1887 – Emerald Power
  • M1887 – Incendium Burst
  • M1887 – Solaris Burst
  • Emerald Slicer
  • Green Star
  • 250x Sacred Rune Tokens
  • 10x Sacred Rune Tokens
  • 5x Sacred Rune Tokens
  • 3x Sacred Rune Tokens
  • 2x Sacred Rune Tokens
  • 1x Sacred Rune Token

Players will need 20 diamonds for each spin, with a collection of 10+1 spins costing 200. 

Because of this, people who have enough diamonds may use it to buy a chance of getting special gun skins.

M1887 Ring Event Sacred Rune Tokens

In addition, players may use their Sacred Rune Tokens to buy gun skins and other rewards if they do not immediately obtain the M1887 cosmetics. 

The specifications of the quantity of tokens necessary for the potential rewards are as follows:

  • 250x Sacred Rune Tokens: M1887 – Eagle Gaze
  • 250x Sacred Rune Tokens: M1887 – Emerald Power
  • 300x Sacred Rune Tokens: M1887 – Incendium Burst
  • 250x Sacred Rune Tokens: M1887 – Solaris Burst
  • 8x Sacred Rune Tokens: Diamond Royale Voucher
  • 8x Sacred Rune Tokens: Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 6x Sacred Rune Tokens: Pigment Splash (AK47 + MP5) Weapon Loot Crate
  • 4x Sacred Rune Tokens: Superstar Weapon Loot Crate
  • 1x Sacred Rune Token: Armor Crate

Players with less quantity of diamonds should rather utilise them in Mystery Shop or other events that give assured prizes at a cheaper cost since acquiring the rewards cannot be guaranteed in this event.

The M1887 Ring Event can be found in the Luck Royale section of Free Fire MAX. Players can make spins to earn the captivating gun skins.

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