Valorant Black Market Skin Collection Details, Price, Release Date

Valorant Black Market

With a steady flow of stunning cosmetics, Valorant has astounded the player base in recent times. The Valorant Black Market collection seems to be another one on this list. 

When this skin line is released, players are likely to love it because it seems to be a fantastic new twist on traditional designs.

The Black Market collection will be the name of the upcoming skin pack for Valorant that Riot Games has now teased. 

After the Oni 2.0 and Altitude skin collections, this will be the third line of skins released to the game’s Episode 6 Act. 

A melee and four different weapon skins will be included in the new bundle.

Valorant Black Market Skin Collection Release Date

Players have been anticipating the Black Market skin collection’s fascinating new features for the game for a very long time. 

The collection as a whole is built on extremely practical design ideas.

Players will be quite keen to explore the Black Market skin collection, which has a colour scheme similar to the Recon bundle and includes a Butterfly Knife in its melee. 

On April 12, 2023, the new Black Market skin collection will be live. This will occur immediately following the release of Patch 6.07.

For Mumbai server players, the patch is scheduled to arrive at 3:30 am IST on April 12, 2023. 

The Valorant Black Market skin bundle should be accessible in your store as soon as you download the update following the required maintenance window.

Black Market Collection Weapon Skins

The following weapon skins will be included in the forthcoming Valorant Black Market skin bundle:

  • Vandal
  • Bulldog
  • Marshal
  • Classic
  • Melee – Butterfly Knife

Valorant Black Market Skin Collection Price

It is anticipated that the new skin bundle will be part of the Premium skin tier. If this is the case, the bundle will cost 7100 VP in total, with each skin costing 1775 VP. However, the exact price is still unknown.

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