Free Fire OB39 Features: Details, Features, New Character

Free Fire OB39

Free Fire regularly rolls out updates to bring in new features, fix existing issues, and introduce new characters, among others. In Free Fire, these features are first tested via the Advance Server. Several of the features of the future Free Fire OB39 Advance Server have already become known to the public.

A poster showcasing the features that users will probably enjoy in a special client scheduled for release later this month has been published by many data miners.

The allegations that a variety of modifications and functionality might be tested during the OB39 Advance Server have a lot of support thanks to many leakers confirming these specifics.

Many Free Fire data miners, including Knightclown, Venom OFC, and others, took to Instagram to publish a poster of what players may anticipate from the Advance Server in the latest round of Free Fire OB39 leaks. This gives us a good idea about the upcoming features.

Free Fire OB39 Update Features

Information at hand indicates that later this month, Garena will test Alvaro Awaken, a Pet Smash mode. Along with this, there will also be a brand-new character, and the Craftland Upgrade as part of the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server.

The data miners haven’t yet provided any precise information regarding the aforementioned features, though.

Also noteworthy is the possibility that not all of the features tested on the Advance Server will make it into the final release. This indicates that although there is a chance the changes may be included in the OB39 release, there is no assurance of this.

To understand if the features in the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server will feature in the final update, players will have to wait for the official update. 

If you wish to download the Free Fire OB39 Advance Server, click here to know how to do so. You can test out these new features before the official update is released.

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