How To Win Rewards In Free Fire Angelic Hunt Event

Free Fire Angelic Hunt

A new in-game event in Free Fire called the Free Fire Angelic Hunt offers players the chance to win free rewards after solving three puzzles. Following that, the free premium Gloo Wall will become available for them to use, and they may claim it in their account. However, the majority of users are unaware of how to finish the Free Fire Angelic Hunt New Event and receive a free Gloo Wall. If you are wondering how to complete this event, find the steps detailed below.

Steps to get Free Gloo Wall

The imagery of the Free Fire Angelic Hunt Event is pretty self-explanatory about the basic premise of the event. Free Fire players have to discover 3 clues and solve them. Once they do, they will get a free Gloo Wall skin in their account. Additionally, hints have been provided on the Angelic Hunt mission page. The three steps or clues are explained below.

  • Step 1: To find the first hint of the new Angelic Hunt event in Free Fire Max, you must first win one of the premium grand prizes from this event, such as the Dino Bundle, Angelic Sky Top, Angelic Hat, or Angelic Flip Flops. A diamond royale coupon will also be given to you when you find your first hint. You can then move on to the second hint.
  • Step 2: The second hint relates to the Crimson Angelic Top-up event in Free Fire Max. This event starts on January 5 on the Indian Server and expire on January 11. To find the second clue, you must have the necessary quantity of Free Fire Diamond top-up in your account. In essence, obtaining premium prizes from the Free Fire Angelic Hunt New Event objective page constitutes discovering clues from other events. 
  • Step 3: Players may find the third hint from the Golden Angelic Ascension Event. Beginning on January 8 and lasting until January 21, this event relates to the next clue. Players must claim the Golden Angelic pants from this event. 

Once these steps are completed, players can get the Free Gloo Wall skin. The event is live until January 8, 2023, so make sure you complete the steps prior to that.

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