League Of Legends Patch 13.5: Jinx Buffs Full Details

League of Legends Patch 13.5

Jinx will be getting some significant buffs in the upcoming League of Legends patch 13.5. Jinx is a League of Legends marksman champion known for her unpredictable play style and incredibly high damage output.

She was a well-liked choice throughout the last several seasons in both Ranked Solo/Duo and professional play owing to her potent scaling, varied kit, and global ultimate R (Super Mega Death Rocket!).

Although other marksmen like Samira, Lucian, Xayah, Draven, etc. dominated the ADC meta in season 13, The Loose Canon has failed to gain a considerably dominant position in the meta. However, things are different in League of Legends season 13, though.

Champions like Lucian, Zeri, Draven, and others rule the ADC meta. The cause for this is that scaling marksmen like Jinx, Vayne, Kogmaw, and others have not been able to establish themselves in the season 13 paradigm, but the aforementioned champions are markedly superior in that meta.

Jinx buffs

  • Attack Speed growth has now been increased from 1% to 1.36%

W (Zap!)

  • Slow has now been increased from 30% – 70% to 40% – 80%The ability mana cost has now been reduced from 50 – 70 to 40 – 60

R (Super Mega Death Rocket!)

  • The ability’s monster execute damage cap has now been increased from 800 to 1200. 

She will undoubtedly be able to do more damage in the early to midgame thanks to her small attack speed growth bonus. Moreover, Jinx’s W’s (Zap!) increased slow duration combined with the removal of the mana case might be a game-changer for her because she can utilise the ability to CC other champions and gain kills.

This will greatly help her achieve her power spike.

Yet her ultimate, R (Super Mega Death Rocket! ), may receive the most attention in the next League of Legends patch 13.5. The monster executes damage maximum for the ability has raised from 800-1200, which is enormous in every manner.

These buffs to Jinx will undoubtedly help her because the League of Legends professional play meta has grown predictable.

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