Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 23w18a Patch Notes, How To Download, New Features

Minecraft 1.20 Snapshot 23w18a Patch

The Minecraft 1.20 snapshot is now available. Mojang has released another semi-weekly update to the game, which includes a new advancement, bug patches, and other test features. 

This is prior to the full release of the Trails & Tales update. It is a great opportunity to test out the future appearance of the new update for Java Edition. 

Minecraft Java Edition Snapshot 23w18a.

The Power of Books, a new advancement, is the primary update in the most recent Minecraft snapshot.

Players must use a Comparator to read a Chiseled Bookshelf’s power signal in order to achieve this.

Smithing with Style is yet another recent development.

To do this, on the armour, crafters must at least once apply the Spire, Rib, Snout, Wayfinder, Ward, Silence, Vex, and Tide smithing templates.

Bug Fixes

There were also a number of significant bug fixes:

  • Slime/magma cubes are again affected by the jump boost potion
  • Corrected Hitbox for Sniffers, when they are lying down
  • Clocks no longer flicker when enchanted in another dimension
  • Bundle tooltips show their interface now
  • Sniffers will stop digging after their target block is broken
  • Proper capitalization of the names of new advancements 
  • Issue with lag when moving above a cleared area with an exposed void fixed

How to enable snapshots in Minecraft

It’s not too difficult to enable snapshots. Keep in mind that this is not the way to obtain Bedrock Betas and Previews. 

  • On the PC you wish to play on, launch the Minecraft Java Edition Launcher. To achieve this, Java Edition must already have been bought.
  • Click the Installations tab to access it. This may be found in the Launcher.
  • The option to enable snapshots is located there. Activate the most recent version, which ought to be 23w18a.
  • Return to the Java Edition Launcher’s “Play” tab.
  • Begin a new world starting there. The most recent version will include it. Old worlds will still be in the game’s previous version since the snapshot can’t be updated to any old worlds that have already been installed.

This procedure may be done each time Mojang releases a fresh snapshot. To disable snapshots and restart using the full version of the game, return to the Installations page.

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