Minecraft Tips & Tricks: List Of All Mounts & How To Unlock Them

Minecraft Guide

In Minecraft Legends, mounts are extremely vital since you will be riding a mount most of the time. 

There are four distinct mounts to locate and unlock, each of which offers quicker movement and special powers like flying or even climbing walls. 

If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on Minecraft Legends mounts and how to unlock them, look no further!

Here are all the mounts and tips and tricks on how to unlock them:


You begin with a horse as your first mount in Minecraft Legends. You will, therefore, not be required to look for it. One of the swifter mounts, it can run for however long you require.

Every village always has horses in the middle. The horse might not be as eye-catching as the other mounts, but it is very useful. 

Furthermore, due to their shape, they are fairly simple to identify in Minecraft Legends.


You’ll need to search for the Bird on your own, unlike the horse. The bird can glide through the air even if it might not be as quick as the horse.

The Jagged Peaks are filled with birds that wander about. It’s vital to note that they won’t spawn in the same place every time. 

On your map in Minecraft Legends, a little bird symbol will let you know when you’ve located them.


Another mount you’ll need to track down in Minecraft Legends is the Beetle. Although it is slower than the other two, it is still useful for climbing tall places.

The Jungle biome is known to be home to beetles. Remember that they won’t spawn in the same place every time.

But when you spot a little beetle indicator on your map, you’ll know you’ve located them.


The Tiger is the fastest mount among them all in Minecraft Legends. They work well when you need to move quickly or are chasing after Piglins.

The biome known as Dry Savanna is home to Regal Tigers. Just like birds and beetle, Tigers too won’t spawn in the same place every time. 

You will know you’ve located them when you spot a small tiger icon on your Minecraft Legends map.

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