Pokemon Unite: New Pokemon Expected Next Month

Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is a free-to-play MOBA-style game with 5v5 team combat. By taking out other players and wild Pokemon, players may level up their controlled Pokemon. Aeos Energy may be obtained from wild Pokemon, and players can also attempt to score goals for their enemies.

Even though the game lacks several standard Pokemon game aspects, such type benefits, it nevertheless manages to combine MOBA-style strategies with the original Pokemon. Although the game is free to play, in order to utilise certain Pokemon in matches, users must buy Unite Licenses from the in-game shop. Aeos Coins, an in-game currency acquired through match play, or a premium currency acquired with real money may be used to buy Unite Licenses.

New Pokemon – Comfey

Next month, a previously unseen Pokemon will join Pokemon Unite. Comfey is a Pokemon that resembles a lei and was initially discovered in the Alola area. It will be made playable in the game on February 2nd. This was revealed in a recent announcement from Pokemon Unite. Comfey will be a Supporter-type Pokemon with a range of healing abilities, according to datamines. Interestingly, the datamines reveal that Comfey really has a special ability. The ability allows it to “attach” itself to a Pokemon that is an ally. This will give that Pokemon passive healing and benefits. Comfey also seems to have a mechanism that allows it to earn points equivalent to the Pokemon it is linked to.

Comfey’s primary drawback is that it depends totally on having competent teammates. While this won’t be an issue in higher levels and competitive play, it eliminates Comfey as a viable option in casual and singles play. In that sense, Comfey seems to be the new Hoopa. This is becuase it is a dominant Pokemon in the competitive arena but a rarity in casual play. It will definitely be an interesting addition to the game and players are excited to try it out.

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