PUBG Mobile C4S11 All Rewards, End Date, Details

PUBG Mobile

With the debut of new seasons that feature new themes and game types, PUBG Mobile receives significant changes that attract new players to the game. The release of Cycle 4 Season 11 (C4S11) commemorates the game’s fifth anniversary and offers a variety of exciting new prizes.

The new season of the game wasn’t released until after the newest PUBG Mobile 2.5 update started to roll out on Android and iOS devices on March 14.

Today (March 21) at 12 am UTC+0, PUBG Mobile players and fans saw the launch of the new Cycle 4 Season 11. Along with it came the Month 21 “High Victory” Royale Pass.

C4S11 End Date

The ranked mode tiers in PUBG Mobile have been reset with the release of C4S11. This gives players a new chance to advance through the rankings and take a position on the scoreboard.

Also, because each in-game season lasts for eight weeks, the new C4S11 season will run until May 20. Cycle 4 Season 12 will debut on May 21.

The release of the most recent Cycle 4 Season 11 has offered new tier prizes. PUBG Mobile players may earn these for free. This is much like the past seasons of PUBG Mobile. Players will be able to increase their in-game inventories by earning these goodies.

PUBG Mobile C4S11 Rewards

Below is a summary of the tier awards included in the new C4S11:

  • Conqueror: C4S11 Conqueror Title, C4S11 Conqueror Name Tag, 1200 Season Tokens, and Conqueror exclusive team-up special effect
  • Ace Dominator: C4S11 Ace Dominator Avatar, C4S11 Ace Dominator Name Tag, C4S11 Ace Dominator Title, 1000 Season Tokens, and Ace Dominator exclusive team-up special effect
  • Ace Master: C4S11 Ace Master Cover, C4S11 Ace Master Name Tag, C4S11 Ace Master Title, 1000 Season Tokens, and Ace Master exclusive team-up special effect
  • Ace: C4S11 Ace Mask, C4S11 Ace Name Tag, C4S11 Ace Title, 1000 Season Tokens, and Ace exclusive team-up special effect
  • Crown: 3 Rating Protection Card (single use), C4S11 Crown Name Tag, Crown exclusive team-up special effect, and 800 Season Tokens
  • Diamond: C4S11 Groza skin and 800 Season Tokens
  • Platinum: C4S11 Glasses and 500 Season Tokens
  • Gold: C4S11 Set and 400 Season Tokens
  • Silver: 1 Classic Crate Coupon and 350 Season Tokens
  • Bronze: 1 Supply Crate Coupon and 300 Season Tokens

Players have ample time to make use of this season to climb the ranks and gain exciting rewards. 

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