PUBG Mobile: PMPL South Asia Spring 2023 Grand Finals: Participants, Prize Pool, Schedule, How To Watch Live

PMPL South Asia Spring 2023

On April 14, the PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) South Asia Spring 2023 Grand Finals are scheduled to start. 

A total of 16 outstanding squads from the region will compete for a $80,000 prize pool and twelve of the most sought-after spots in the South Asian Championship Spring. 

The team with the most points at the end of three days and 18 competitive games will be crowned the spring season winners.

Each finalist has received a certain number of headstart points based on their standings from the PUBG Mobile PMPL South Asia Spring 2023 League Stage. This gives them an advantage over the competition.

PMPL South Asia Spring 2023 Grand Finals Participants 

The tournament’s present standings are listed below:

  • Stalwart Esports – 77 points
  • 4Mercial Vibes – 76 points
  • T2K Esports – 65 points
  • IHC Esports – 63 points
  • DRS Gaming – 57 points
  • NB Esports – 53 points
  • Mabtex Esports – 53 points
  • Skylightz Gaming – 45 points
  • Illumin8 Crew – 44 points
  • LEO Esports – 43 points
  • High Voltage Esports Nepal – 39 points
  • Kunyo TRZ – 38 points
  • SEAL Esports – 36 points
  • SITM Esports – 30 points
  • Deadyes Guys – 29 points
  • RAW Officials – 27 points

Stalwart Esports and 4Mercial stood out as the top two performances during the League Stage, both surpassing the 600-point threshold. 

They hold a lead of more than 150 points over the third-place team. 

Stalwart Esports had a steady performance over the course of the three weeks, getting 77 headstart points while 4Merical received 76.

DRS Gaming and Skylightz Gaming, with 57 and 45 advantage points, respectively, both had an average performance in the league.

Illumin8 Crew, the PMNC 2022 Nepal champion, experienced ups and downs in the first round before moving up to ninth position with 44 bonus points. 

SITM, the winner of the PMNC Wildcard, placed 14th with 30 bonus points.

East922 of Mongolia gained attention for their outstanding performance in the PMPL SA League, achieving 124 eliminations and 27081 damage. 

STE Top led the squad with 119 kills and 27142 damage. His teammate Action came in second with 103 eliminations.

The next PMPL finals are expected to be thrilling because every team has a chance to win the championship. 

High Voltage, the defending champions, haven’t played well thus far, but things might change in the finals. 

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