Rapidly Rise Through The Ranks: Guide To Leveling Up Fast In Minecraft India

Minecraft India

In Minecraft India, XP is crucial since it can be used to enchant, fix, and repair objects as well as weapons.

XP is used to level up fast and improve game progress, increasing the character’s strength at each level. In Minecraft India, anytime a player completes a set of tasks, XP is thrown on the ground. 

In addition to that, there are several more ways for gamers to increase their XP. Follow this essential advice and you will have leveled up quickly.

Here’s an expert guide on how to level up fast in Minecraft India, helping you dominate the game with ease.


Mining is the simplest way to get experience quickly. To get mining points, players must mine all night long in the protection of their shelter. 

Players may receive XP orbs from the mining blocks, and the quantity changes depending on the element. 

This is one of the best strategies to follow to level up fast.

The Deep Dark

For XP farming, the Deep Dark is a fantastic biome. When farmed, Sculk blocks yield one experience point, while Sculk Catalysts give a staggering 20 XP. 

This is similar to defeating a Piglin Brute but much easier. You may instantly mine the blocks and get experience, improving your game progress.


Players may earn Minecraft XP when they remove the finished product after smelting or cooking resources in a furnace. 

Players can gain quick XP by smelting large quantities of items like piles of ore or containers full of cobble.

Trading with villagers

Trading with villagers is an experience-gaining strategy that is sometimes overlooked. Even though the experience gained from each villager trade is only six, doing so will give you access to enchants, armour, and other useful items.

This will help you dominate the game and give you a rapid rise through the ranks.

Breeding Animals

By breeding animals, players may gain a lot of experience points. 

Players may breed farm animals like cows, sheep, pigs, and other animals that are playable. As you continue breeding, you can earn XP.

Kill the Ender Dragon

The Ender Dragon is the main antagonist in Minecraft India. Finding the End Portal and defeating the Ender Dragon will bring you good XP of 12,000. 

However, these are experience orbs and as such can be obtained by anyone nearby. You can call the Ender Dragon again, but each subsequent time, you will only receive 500 XP. 

Killing mobs 

Killing mobs gives players a lot of experience points. This is especially true while battling mobs like zombies, Ender Dragons, and skeletons. 

Per kill, players can earn up to 25 XP. A player receives more XP whenever they slay a boss mob.

By following these tips, tricks, and strategies, Minecraft India players can quickly level up and rise through the ranks.

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