S8UL Esports Siddhant Refutes Claims Of Payment Problems In The Organization

S8UL Esports

Siddhant “Sid” Joshi, the manager of S8UL’s esports division, recently refuted claims that the company did not pay its players. He also urged people to name any members of the esports sector of S8UL who had not received payments.

He emphasised that although the Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) esports division is not now getting payment since the game has been suspended, the players for the organization’s other games are still receiving the payments.

Sid further said that the BGMI players from S8UL Esports received one of the highest salaries in the whole business after winning the BGMI Pro Series (BMPS).

A viewer mentioned to Sid during a recent livestream that S8UL Esports was unable to continue paying its players after recruiting them. The viewer said, “Hey, Sid. Don’t play a stooge for an unpleasant business phase for S8UL. If you are not paying good after hiring anyone, and think that your org’s namesake would get their life settled, then think again.”

Sid denied the allegations and prompted the viewer to mention any S8UL employees who were not paid from the esports division. He continued by saying that everyone at the company is getting paid. But, he also admitted that the BGMI esports team isn’t presently getting paid because of the BGMI ban.

He said, “Who is there, in S8UL, you think, to whom we don’t pay? From our esports division. Is there anyone in S8UL to whom we don’t pay? Our New State players are getting their salaries. Our Pokémon Unite players are also getting their pay. BGMI esports is on halt, so they are not getting salaries. Do you think you seem cool when you write ‘stooges’ and all?” 

He also stated that content creators in the organization were not drawing any salaries. It is only the eSports players who are receiving payment. He said, “Who in S8UL is not getting any salary?

The one who should get a salary and is not getting any. The rest are content creators, and there is no meaning in paying salaries to content creators in any organization. Then who is it?” he said.

Sid then addressed the viewer’s belief that Adi, the video editor for S8UL Esports, was unpaid. He asked how, in that case, he would be able to pay for basics like food. Sid further said that the Battlegrounds Mobile India players from S8UL Esports received one of the best salaries in the whole business after winning the BMPS.

One of the most prominent esports leagues in India, S8UL Esports has squads in BGMI, Pokemon Unite, and New State Mobile. Its operations, however, are not just restricted to competitive esports; it is also one of India’s top content development companies. Also, the organization received the “Content Group of the Year” honour at the renowned Esports Awards 2022.

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