Valorant Challengers League VCL South Asia 2023: Steps To Register

Valorant Challengers League

NODWIN Gaming and Riot Games will host the Valorant Challengers League (VCL) South Asia 2023. The organizer previously hosted the Valorant Conquerors Championship (VCC) 2022, where the best teams advanced to the Challenger playoffs for the Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) 2022 in the Asia Pacific Split 1 (APAC) region.

The Valorant Challengers League (VCL) is a fantastic venue for gamers from all around the world to compete and advance on the VCT circuit. They may now simply join Valorant’s competitive scene by registering in the official league with their own teams.

The prize pool for the Valorant Challengers League South Asia 2023 will exceed INR 1.15 crores. The winning team will get the majority of the prize money. The Open Qualifier stage will begin the competition, and the League stage will come next. The teams who qualified will advance to the group stages and compete to earn a position in the playoffs.

Young talent will be recruited by the Valorant Challengers League (VCL) and entered into the regional Valorant Challengers Ascension competition. The 2023 International League will have a maximum of 10 teams per region.

Valorant Challengers League (VCL) South Asia 2023

Valorant Challengers League (VCL) South Asia 2023 is one of several leagues that will provide participants with an open stage. The strongest teams from each region will be selected in the competition and seeded in the Challengers Ascension Pacific tournament. A global Challengers stage will be reached as the Challengers Leagues come to a conclusion.

Public registrations opened on February 20 and will be accepted until midnight on February 23, 2023. The first round of qualifiers is expected to begin on February 25 and end on February 28.

How to register for VCL South Asia 2023

On the VCT website run by NODWIN Gaming, players may form teams and sign up for the Valorant Challengers League South Asia 2023 open qualifiers. The process for registering the team for the competition is listed below.

  • Visit the registration page of WIN Gaming.
  • Then, select “Register Now.”
  • The registration section will appear as you scroll down the page. The “Click here to Register” button should be selected.
  • A single-page Google form with a number of necessary fields will appear.
  • Teams must register with their phone numbers, email addresses, and government identification documents.
  • There will also be additional sections for the team name and logo.

Participants can register and take part in the Valorant Challengers League (VCL) South Asia 2023 by following this method.

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