Valorant: DSG’s Final Member Officially Announced: Find Out Who It Is

DSG Valorant

It has now been officially announced that Nerve has DSG Valorant as their fifth and final member, prior to Split 2.

Recently, DSG Valorant made news for adding Yay to their roster. In addition to removing XXiF from the squad two days before North America Split 2, they established a Game Changers team as well. 

However, Split 2 has begun, and it appears that DSG has finally found a fifth member. 

The addition of Nerve to the DSG Valorant roster was announced on their official twitter handle. 

The tweet talks about how C9 continues to try out and reject players and how DSG picks up the players they don’t want. 

Nerve and Yay are two prime examples of the same. DSG has experienced players on their squad, thus this was ultimately an excellent roster change for them.

DSG Nerve

Nerve was a former Soniqs player. Furthermore, he has a good reputation in the Tier 2 Valorant scene.

He typically plays the flex position. This is a fairly effective approach for DSG, as they can now employ Yay and Clear to be aggressive and seize locations with relative ease since they have a Sentinel. 

Nerve played for the 99 Strength team, which had a very strong win-loss record and was quite successful. 

Nerve is not restricted to just one agent and has a tremendously fluid agent pool. This is a crucial quality because it allows other team members who have strong goals to stand out and claim attention. 

The complete roster of DSG Valorant is now as follows:

  • DSG
  • Yay
  • Clear
  • Steel
  • Genghsta
  • Nerve
  • Riku (Substitute)

With the roster now officially complete, time will tell if the new acquisitions will make an impact for DSG or not. 

Valorant fans seem to be quite excited about these additions and are keen to witness what they will have in store for Split 2.

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