Valorant: New Agent 22 Gekko Appearance, Abilities, Release Date Revealed

Valorant Gekko

Valorant is slated to introduce Gekko as a new Agent to its list of Agents. There is rising interest in what this new Agent will offer, from their abilities to their general look, as the sixth episode of the game continues to be released.

Gekko’s name is among its most fascinating characteristics. In contrast to earlier Agents, the official name was discovered within the game files rather than through data mining.

While the meaning of the name is unknown, we do know that Gekko is of Hispanic ancestry and most likely originates from a tropical area, like South America.

The players’ function as initiator-type Agents is another part of Gekko that has caught their attention. This implies that Gekko will have distinct skills to contribute to their team, particularly when giving intel and managing the battlefield.

Developer John Goscicki recently asserted in a presentation that Gekko will have an “eclectic way of dealing with situations.” This suggests that he will probably have some unusual weapons and equipment in his utility belt that he may employ to his advantage in battle.

Valorant Gekko Abilities

Gekko also has “new ways to check corners, reveal locations, and plant the spike,” according to his skills. The latter is especially interesting since it implies he could have a special method for remotely placing the spike.

Riot Games has been teasing Gekko’s appearance over the previous few weeks with hints and teases. These teasers feature drawings and animations of numerous species that are thought to be somehow connected to Gekko.

A small, lizard-like creature is seen in one teaser as it crawls across a leaf. A group of animals that mimic frogs is shown in another.

Riot Games just unveiled a teaser in which Gekko’s voice is heard for the first time. “Let’s light up this joint” is what Gekko is heard saying in the teaser, which adds credence to the notion that he is a laid-back and fun-loving guy.

The Agent’s speech has a clear Spanish accent, which emphasizes their Hispanic heritage even more.

Valorant Gekko Release Date

The new Agent is scheduled to debut the following week as part of Episode 6, Act 2. Players in North America will be able to access the character on March 7 but those in Europe and Asia will have to wait an extra day.

Valorant Agent 22 Gekko Appearance

The leak suggests that Gekko is a hipster with green hair. Gekko is also rumoured to have a few tattoos, which will further his appearance of being rebellious and edgy.

Although the tattoos haven’t been completely disclosed, fans have already made assumptions about what they may be. His distinctive look will help him stand out from the other agents in the game and win him popularity among players.

Gekko will be a distinctive and fascinating addition to Valorant’s team of Agents overall. They are a pleasant addition to the game thanks to their unique fighting style, goofy nature, and distinctive appearance.

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