Valorant Radiant Entertainment System Skin Collection Details, Price, Release Date

Valorant Radiant Entertainment System

A new Act is making its way to Valorant and with it, a brand-new skin collection called the Radiant Entertainment System will also be brought in. 

Before the official video for the collection was shown, it was extensively teased on the game’s Twitter account.

Valorant Episode 6 Act 3 will soon arrive; as there are only a few days remaining. Immediately after you download the patch for Episode 6 Act 3, the Radiant Entertainment System collection will be accessible in the in-game store.

The patch will be made available to North American players on April 25, 2023, after server maintenance is finished, which will be around 2:00 pm PDT.

Players on the Indian (Mumbai) server will have access to the patch starting at 3:30 AM IST on April 26, 2023.

Valorant Radiant Entertainment System Weapons

These weapons will get skins in the forthcoming Radiant Entertainment System collection, according to the official announcement:

  • Phantom
  • Operator
  • Bulldog
  • Ghost
  • Melee – Power Fist Melee

The Phantom will have an animated skin for the first time in 2023. A third successive premium skin with a Bulldog will also be available.

However, the melee skin is once more the collection’s focus. It is definitely a welcome change.

This one is a glove that can be used as a weapon thanks to energy-based inflections. In the animation, the figure strikes the target with punches.

Three alternative variations of the Radiant Entertainment System will be available, each of which will have a distinctive design aesthetic drawn on arcade games from the 1990s. 

The collection’s teaser included some amazing new animations, with each variant’s design influenced by a certain game.

When you fire the gun, an 8-bit flare is displayed in the firing animation. Depending on the model you have equipped, guns with tracers allow you to see various colored lines.

Radiant Entertainment System Skin Collection Price

The most costly skin collection in Valorant to date will be included in the Radiant Entertainment System bundle. 

Priced at 11,900 VP for the whole bundle, each pistol skin will cost 2,975 VP. 

The three skin types are effectively three individual skins with distinctive visual and auditory effects, therefore the hefty price is warranted.

The price of the melee skin, 5950 VP, is same to that of the previously released Oni Katana.

Three sprays, gun pals, and player cards are also included in the box, one for each variation of the skin. 

The melee skin and these accessories are included with the package if you decide to buy it, thus there is no additional cost.

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