10 Best PvP Players In Minecraft 2024

Minecraft PvP

The PvP mode in Minecraft is well-liked and has seen a rise in player numbers. Players dedicate their whole gaming careers to it, and servers and maps are made just for it. 

Due to the importance of PvP in the game, many players play with consideration for PvP play patterns. PvP is different from regular gameplay, thus it might be hard to get the hang of. These are the best PvP players currently who have achieved greatness and mastery in PvP.

1. Golfeh 

Many people consider Golfeh to be among the best players in the game’s PvP mode. The fact that he plays on significantly more current versions than other PvP players is something that many find fascinating. He has often defeated the top of the best in PvP competitions.

2. Purpled

Grayson “Purpled” Wood is a Twitch streamer and YouTuber from Virginia, USA. In the community, he is well-known for his speed-bridging abilities and PvP prowess.

Purpled is still a frequent presence in MCC competitions despite having subsequently dabbled in other games. He and TommyInnit, CaptainSparklez, and TheOrionSound won MCC 22. 

3. Huahwi 

Huahwi is a PvP gamer who engages in the fiercest combat. But Huahwi continues to use the same PVP and clicking strategies. Even with its exceptional precision, Huahwi works best against average players. 

These users are not professional YouTubers. Still, he is adept at creating plans in addition to being proficient with a variety of weaponry.

4. Ph1LzA

The most well-known accomplishment of English Minecraft YouTuber and Twitch streamer Phil “Ph1LzA” is that he managed to endure five years in a single Hardcore Mode environment. 

Ph1Lza has extensive expertise of both the PvP elements and the sandbox game from Mojang. Alongside GeorgeNotFound, Wilbur Soot, TapL, and others, he was a past champion of the Minecraft Championship 12, and he still produces amazing material. 

5. Sapnap 

Even though Sapnap isn’t strictly a PvP player, his manhunt videos do deal with PvP. Because of this, Sapnap qualifies as a PvP specialist. He is not just a superb craftsman but also an amazing PvP gamer.

6. Danteh

At the age of seventeen, he became the first player on Badlion Build UHC to attain both 2700 and 2800 elo in 2016. He was one of the greatest gamers ever even before he was introduced to PvP in Minecraft.

7. Woofless 

Without even using a scope, Woofless has won bouts by eliminating opponents at a distance. Thanks to his talent, Woofless almost vanquished Technoblade. 

He might be fairly forgetful when he needs to move rapidly, but when it comes to strategy, he plays quite well. He is almost a winner in most of the UHCs that he enters.

8. XNestorio 

One of the finest PvP players to ever pick up a keyboard and mouse or controller is xNestorio. He knows how to use three distinct weapons well: swords, fishing rods, and bows.

That makes him difficult to beat regardless of the playstyle. Few other players can boast they can destroy adversaries both up close and from a distance like he can.

9. Dream

He consistently wins manhunts and is maybe the greatest Minecraft player of all time.

Five versus one matches and worlds are not common in PvP, although Dream often competes in and prevails in them. He is among the finest in several aspects of the game, including PvP, because to that amazing talent.

10. Fruitberries

Canadian gamer Fruitberries is well-known in the Minecraft community for his abilities in PvP, speedrunning, and trapping. Fruitberries competes actively in the Minecraft Championships and has taken home two titles.

Still, his PvP prowess is largely determined by his streaks on Minecraft UHC and Skywars, not by his victories in Minecraft Championships. 

Though he occasionally comes across as a little underappreciated, Fruitberries is regarded as one of the top PvP players in Minecraft.

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