5 Best Guns For Close Range Fights In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

In close-quarters fights in PUBG Mobile, your choice of weapon can make a gargantuan difference in the way the fight ensues.

It is essential to have a gun that has a good damage rate. SMGs might have a lot of recoil, but that is immaterial in close-range fights.

You also need a gun that will give a high rate of fire. On choosing the right weapon, half your battle is already won. Thus, here are the top 5 guns for close-range fights in PUBG Mobile.

1. UZI

The most popular SMG among PUBG Mobile gamers is the UZI. In full automatic mode, it can fire 9mm rounds. 

You may use it when charging into your opponents since it is exceptionally good. UZI is efficient at close quarters because of its rapid rate of fire.

2. Groza

Groza is a lethal weapon when used correctly. This assault rifle in PUBG Mobile is an effective weapon for close combat since it fires at a good pace, deals out a lot of damage, and is fairly precise.

3. UMP45

A popular Submachine Gun (SMG) for close-quarters combat in PUBG Mobile is the UMP45. Due to its excellent rate of fire and little recoil, the SMG is rather well-balanced. 

The Tommy gun provides the most damage of any SMG, and this weapon comes at a close second.

4. AKM

One of the most popular Assault Rifles in PUBG Mobile is the AKM. The weapon is particularly effective for taking on enemies at close range because of its tremendous damage and moderate rate of fire. 

The gun’s high rate of recoil, which makes it difficult to control, is a drawback.

5. DBS

One of the most deadly weapons the game has ever seen is the DBS. Compared to other shotguns in the game, it is far more accurate, has greater range, and has a faster firing rate. 

It can eliminate an entire squad without needing to reload because of its large magazine capacity. The fact that it is a shotgun, though, means that using it in combat is always a risk.

It is suggested that PUBG Mobile players concentrate only on their aim and kill the enemy with their first two bullets. 

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