5 Tips For Beginners In Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends

Minecraft Legends became quickly popular as soon as it was released. There is nevertheless a substantial learning curve as Minecraft Legends is a very different game from the original Minecraft. 

Beginners might find it slightly difficult to pick up the game. Here are 5 tips for beginners who are looking to start playing Minecraft Legends.

1. Place Wellhouses

In Minecraft Legends, a Wellhouse is a kind of structure you may create. They serve as a way of rapid transit as well as respawning. 

The ideal usage of them is to position them on the boundaries of enemy bases and villages as a quick method to enter and exit battles in Minecraft Legends.

Additionally, it is a good idea to place them anytime there is a significant distance between your current location and your destination in order to avoid making repeated exhaustingly lengthy journeys. Instead, you may just fast-travel.

2. Farm resources frequently

The number of resources you collect throughout the first tutorial is strictly limited. After that period is through, however, you are free to collect as much wood, stone, and iron as you can store. 

You should always collect as much as possible. This is because it takes a lot of resources to construct defensive fortifications and other in-field constructions.

Place harvesting tools in resource locations as soon as you arrive in a village or go on a new journey.

Typically, only one cycle of harvesting yields a few hundred of whatever resource you are collecting. 

You won’t ever run out of resources to build effective defences if you make using these collecting techniques a habit.

3. Watchtowers

Watchtowers can be one of the most effective for your defences. They are effective over a large area, cause significant damage to Piglins, and most importantly, they divert attackers from demolishing walls or attacking villagers. 

To construct a watchtower, no wall is even necessary. Put a few of them down in a row, and your village is effectively protected.

4. Defend VIllages

Every time you come across a new village, it is good to take some time to make sure it is well developed before moving on. 

The more villages you have, the more resources you can produce and the more locations you can reach quickly.

To ensure that the whole village is safe, put down a wellhouse and strengthen its defences with walls and watchtowers. The simpler and quicker it is to protect a village, the better its defences are. 

5. Advanced Banner Controls

All of your followers may be sent to a certain location at once using your basic banner controls, but it is better to utilise the advanced controls and choose only a part of your army to move. 

These are introduced to you during the opening attack on the three Piglin forts, and you should employ them effectively going forward. You have more control over your mobs thanks to advanced controls. 

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