Best Tips For Looting In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile

Looting is an essential aspect of PUBG Mobile as players land in the game with absolutely nothing.

It is only through looting that players can get their desired weapons, armour, ammo, and more. Here are the 5 best tips for looting in PUBG Mobile.

1. Search everywhere thoroughly

It is advised that you and your team look everywhere, regardless of where you choose to land in PUBG Mobile

Look for loot in every building, storage facility, bunker and tower. If you’re fortunate, you could get your preferred weapons.

Additionally, distribute as much stuff as you can to your team. If you are completely supplied, make place for the remaining members. 

In the end, a fully equipped unit can offer that additional power to win important battles.

2. Move from one place to the other

Large terrain and a variety of regions to explore allow for greater looting in PUBG Mobile. It is advised that players rotate between various spots on the map rather than staying in one spot.

When they run out of supplies of loot, including guns and ammo, players may utilise vehicles to travel to other areas. 

The use of vehicles on the map is preferable over jogging in open spaces, when the likelihood of being eliminated in PUBG Mobile is greater.

3. Fallen enemies

Always loot from enemies that you kill in PUBG Mobile. Chances are that your enemies might have good loot with them that you can utilize. 

However, be careful while looting from fallen enemies in PUBG Mobile, since their teammates may be nearby.

4. Loot airdrops

In PUBG Mobile, unique crates known as airdrops are sometimes dropped within safe zones. 

These unique crates have many more high-level weapons in addition to sniper rifles like AWM that cannot be obtained from the map. 

Possessing such an airdrop is a definite way to rule and take that chicken dinner.

5. Finish looting in the beginning

It is always better to finish looting in the beginning of the game in PUBG Mobile and then go out looking for enemies, rather than continuously looting till the very end. 

Try to quickly equip yourself and be ready for battle.

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