BGIS 2023 Grand Finals Day 2 Results & Rankings

BGIS 2023

Big Brother Esports defeated Revenant Esports to grab the lead following the conclusion of Day 2 of the BGIS Grand Finals by winning two straight Chicken Dinners. 

In 12 games over the course of two days, the group that is considered a new contender has amassed 138 points. With 134 points, Gladiators Esports leaped to the second position. 

With 116 points, Revenant Esports dropped from first to third place.

With 114 points, Team X Spark secured the fourth position, while Gods Reign slid to the fifth level with 113 points. After 12 games, TWM Gaming and Blind Esports both scored 100 points.

BGIS 2023 Grand Finals Day 2 Rankings 

  1. Big Brother Esports – 138 Points
  2. Gladiators Esports – 134 Points
  3. Revenant Esports – 116 Points
  4. Team X Spark – 114 Points
  5. Gods Reign – 113 Points
  6. TWM Gaming – 100 Points
  7. Blind Esports – 100 Points
  8. Midwave Esports – 96 Points
  9. OR Esports – 91 Points
  10. Medal Esports – 85 Points
  11. GlitchXReborn – 78 Points
  12. 4 Aggressive Man – 64 Points
  13. Growing Strong – 60 POints
  14. MICI Esports – 56 Points
  15. CS X One Power – 51 Points
  16. Night OWLS – 42 Points

Match Highlights

In the Erangel map, Team X Spark won with a score of 22 points to start the second day. 

Their progress on the overall scoreboard was aided by the fact that it was their second Chicken Dinner. With 18 points, Blind Esports got off to a strong start as well.

In the second match of the BGIS Grand Finas Day 2, with 24 points, the seasoned lineup of TWM Gaming won the Chicken Dinner after impressing with their skills. Medal Esports also scored 24 points, 12 of which were from kills.

Blind Esports, being consistent, put up a fantastic performance to win Chicken Dinner with ease in the third game, scoring 22 points. 4 Aggressive Man and GlitchxReborn both received a score of 18 and 21, respectively.

With 27 points, Midwave Esports won the Chicken Dinner in the Vikendi match, pulling off an incredible comeback. 

TWM Gaming also put on an incredible performance, earning eighteen points.

Big Brother Esports wowed the crowd in the fifth game of the BGIS Finals Day 2, earning a magnificent 26-point Chicken Dinner.

In the last match of Day 2 of the BGIS Finals, Big Brother Esports registered an incredible 28-point Chicken Dinner to go unbeaten once again.

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