BGMI: 5 Best Landing Spots In Nusa Map


In the BGMI 2.5 update, Krafton brought in a new map named “Nusa,” which is regarded as the game’s smallest map. 

There are eleven landing areas on it, and its overall size is 1 x 1 square kilometer. Despite its tiny size, Nusa has a lively environment with fascinating cities and natural settings.

Each landing spot is a sight to behold, and you can find moderately good loot no matter where you land. Nevertheless, here are the top 5 best landing spots in the Nusa map of Battlegrounds Mobile India.


1. Cavern

Cavern is a small area of sparsely populated, deserted territory in the northeastern part of Nusa. 

Here, you may enter a hidden underground cave with various entrance points and gather an enormous amount of level 3 BGMI supplies. If you’re new to gaming, this area is rather safe.

Additionally, you need to be careful since if enemies shoot at you, you won’t have any cover. However, you may land in the Cavern for high loot.

2. Science center

Due to the abundance of accessible loot, Science Centre is one of BGMI’s top hot drops and is situated in the center of Nusa. 

There are a few structures there with loot to be found, including SMGs, level 3 vests, armour, guns, and other items. 

Since there is enough loot to be found here, most players land here, making it riskier for newcomers wanting to advance in ranks.

3. Crystal Bay

The safest location on the Nusa map is Crystal Bay, which is situated in Nusa’s westernmost part. You can find two cottages nearby that provide crates of level 2 items. 

Additionally, there are lots of BGMI store tokens and ammo scattered around the huts.

Search for the Stone entrance Key while exploring; it will open the entrance to a hidden cave if you follow the symbol that points there. 

The tactical crossbow, a few energy drinks, first-aid kits, and other items are all present. For a novice, this spot is ideal.

4. Regal Resort

This tourist spot on the Nusa map in BGMI houses some of the best loot. Regal Resort is located on the right side of Nusa. 

It is located beside a body of water. At Regal Resort, the chances of finding loot are just as magnificent as the view. 

Players may pick up a lot of weapons, attachments, and ammunition from here. Be careful at this spot since there is a significant probability that enemies may land here.

5. Flame Village

Flame Village is located in the Nusa map’s center. This place contains a lot of loot since it is in the exact center of the map. 

A token store is also present here. The Flame Village will attract a huge number of enemies because of where it is on the map.

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