How To Unlock Bugatti Skins In BGMI

BGMI x Bugatti

BGMI is known for its exciting and wide-ranged collaborations, that range across genres and brands.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) creator Krafton recently disclosed a collaborative event with Bugatti for an in-game event in the game. 

Players may access unique skins, rewards, and more during the BGMI x Bugatti Collaboration Event, which runs up to August 6.


How to get Bugatti skins in BGMI

Players may take part in the ‘Speed Drift’ event found in the Events area of BGMI to unlock the Bugatti skins. 

The event includes a variety of Bugatti RB Coupe skins in various colours and designs. In-game cash (UC) must be used by players in order to purchase these premium car skins. 

Additionally, the event brings the possibility of obtaining Bugatti Lucky Badges via spins known as accelerating. 

The Bugatti car and skins must be unlocked via Bugatti Lucky Badges.

Although the regular acceleration is free, a Lucky Badge is not. This is due to the fact that free accelerations often fail and reset the player’s acceleration level to zero. 

As a result, the creators have included the “Accelerate Safely” option, which demands more UC. Here are the various tiers and the quantity of UC needed:

  • Start: 60
  • Speed 1: 60
  • Speed 2: 180
  • Speed 3: 500
  • Speed 4: 1000
  • Speed 5: 2500
  • Speed 6: 5800
  • Speed 7: 7200

Unfortunately, not every acceleration will be successful. A successful acceleration cannot be guaranteed, and players may experience failures in one level before moving on to the next. 

It’s possible that gamers would have to pay a significant amount of UC to get the Bugatti skins. Even better, players may gift their in-game friends with the skin, which they can then use.

When all six vehicles are redeemed, a special Masterpiece variation will become available. One of the rarest skins in Battlegrounds Mobile India is this Masterpiece variation, which is free.

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