BGMI Cycle 4 Season 12 (C4S12) Details, Rewards, End Date

BGMI Cycle 4 Season 12 

In BGMI, Krafton regularly adds fresh seasons to the game after the release of each new update. The new C4S12 has also been released as a consequence of the 2.7 update’s arrival.

BGMI Cycle 4 Season 11 ended at 5:29 AM IST on August 22. The new Season Cycle 4 Season 12 premiered at 7:30 AM IST. 

It’s interesting to note that the season began a week after the A1 Royale Pass was introduced and 12 days after Battlegrounds Mobile India’s 2.7 update.

Cycle 4 Season 12 will end on October 21 at 5:29 AM IST after being accessible in BGMI for two months.

The in-game levels have been reset as a consequence of the new season, allowing rank pushers all around the nation to start their journey to higher tiers.

BGMI Cycle 4 Season 12 

With the introduction of the new season, Krafton unveiled new rewards. Stunning cosmetics and other items are available in both reward categories and may be obtained for free. 

To acquire them, players must play the game more often. The BGMI Cycle 4 Season 12 tier and season rewards are given below:

  • Conqueror: C4S12 Conqueror Frame, IGN Tag, Conqueror Title, Season Tokens x1200, and exclusive Conqueror special lobby animation
  • Ace Dominator: C4S12 Ace Dominator Avatar, IGN Tag, Ace Dominator Title, Season Tokens x1000, and exclusive Ace Dominator special lobby animation.
  • Ace Master: C4S12 Ace Master Cover, IGN Tag, Ace Master Title, Season Tokens x1000, and exclusive Ace Master special lobby animation.
  • Ace: C4S12 Ace Mask, IGN Tag, and Ace Title, Season Tokens x1000, and exclusive Ace team-up special lobby animation
  • Crown: Three single-use Rating Protection Cards, Season Tokens x800, C4S12 Crown IGN Tag, exclusive Crown team-up special lobby animation
  • Diamond: Season Tokens x800 along with C4S12 Mini 14 skin
  • Platinum: Season Tokens x500 along with C4S12 Glasses
  • Gold: Season Tokens x400 along with C4S12 Set
  • Silver: Season Tokens x350 along with Classic Crate Coupon x1
  • Bronze: Season Tokens x300 along with Supply Crate Coupon x1

Players of the BGMI may swap their Season Tokens for the rewards and cosmetics of the current season. 

They may also purchase cosmetics from previous seasons. Among the best prizes are Gliders, Silver Fragments, and Parachute skins.

The new C4S12 delivers a new Tier Goal Achievement reward, much as the C4S11 did. 

A Classic Crate/Premium Crate Coupon and Season Token (based on rank) will be awarded to players that participate in ranked classic mode (both regular and themed mode) and complete their assigned Tier Goal.

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