BGMI Drakreign MK14 Skin Released: Check How To Obtain


A new Lucky Spin crate from Krafton includes a BGMI Drakreign MK14 skin in addition to other Legendary and Mythic items. The game will continue to provide the crate until March 18, 2024. Take a peek at the unique products in this crate if you’re seeking to spend your BGMI UCs on valuable in-game stuff.

The new BGMI Lucky Spin crate contains dragon-themed items. They come with the matching headcovers for the Dragon Emperor and Dragon Empress sets. 

A Drakreign grenade, Molotov cocktail skins, a Gilded Dragon pan skin, and a Drakreign MK14 skin are among the mythic items found in the crate.

Low-end products like paints, development materials, and in-crate tokens are also available in the crate. Keep in mind that you may buy the previously stated exclusive products from the “Redeem” area using these tokens.

BGMI Drakreign MK14 Skin 

To obtain the previously listed array of exclusives in Battlegrounds Mobile India, you have to unlock crates. 

Similar to spins, crate unlocking demands you to use a specific quantity of the premium in-game money (UC, or Unknown Cash). Then, as your prize, you can choose at random 1 item from the crate.

The price of the day’s first draw is 10 UCs, while subsequent draws cost 40 UCs. Ten spins can be drawn simultaneously, but doing so will cost you 360 UCs.

As previously stated, in-crate Tokens may also be used to purchase the unique items in the new Lucky Spin crate. The following are their prices:

  • Dragon Emperor set: 500 Tokens
  • Dragon Emperor headcover: 180 Tokens
  • Dragon Emperess set: 500 Tokens
  • Dragon Emperess headcover: 180 Tokens
  • Gilded Dragon pan: 250 Tokens
  • Drakreign grenade skin: 70 Tokens
  • Drakreign molotov cocktail skin: 70 Tokens
  • Drakreign MK14 skin: 550 Tokens
  • Draco Arts emote: 200 Tokens
  • Development Materials: 200 Tokens
  • Paint: 4 Tokens
  • Weapon Equipment skin: 50 Tokens

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