BGMI Guide: How To Choose The Best Spot To Land


An essential part of the BGMI game is picking the optimal landing spot from the flight route. 

There is no right answer as to where exactly you should land in BGMI, as this depends on each game.

Ideally, you should look at the mini-map when you are on spawn island and examine the path of the flight.

Making wise choices during this phase is essential for a great start since the flight path affects the plane’s course as it crosses the map.

The flight route in BGMI is unpredictable and varies with every battle. Players may pick from a number of landing spots because it traverses the entire space from different angles.

Here are a few tips on how to pick the best landing spot in Battlegrounds Mobile India.

1. Location with relation to the flight route

Ideally, you should choose a location in BGMI that is not too distant from the flight path. You may reach your location more quickly and get the loot before other players by being closer. 

Landing just next to the flight path should be avoided as these areas are frequently congested and unsafe.

2. Choose the landing spot according to your BGMI playing style

Select landing spots that are somewhat secluded or have buildings that can provide as cover for safe landings in BGMI. 

Avoid landing in open spaces or places where you’ll be exposed to enemy fire. Consider your surroundings and any available escape routes.

Look for areas with a lot of loot, such important towns or cities. These locations provide a variety of treasure, including as weapons, armor, and medical supplies. Land in these areas first if you want to be well-prepared for upcoming battles In BGMI.

3. Zone prediction in BGMI

Once you have mastered the BGMI game to a certain extent, or have played enough games, you will be able to reasonably predict where the zone will move towards.

Keep in mind, you can never be completely sure, however. Try to predict this and move towards where you think the zone is most likely to move to.

This will save you form rushing to the zone in the last moment and getting killed by your enemies.

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