BGMI Holi Face Off 2024 Results, Prize Pool, And More

BGMI Holi Face Off

On March 24, the BGMI Holi Face Off 2024 came to an end. Playload mode was used during the first day, with the top eight teams out of 16 advancing to the following round. 

On Sunday, the competition’s second day took place in a Single-Bracket Arena Mode, and Team Red Parasite won. The lineup included their professional players Justin from Gods Reign, DeltaPG, and Shogun.

On the second day, Team Red Parasite won their opening match, putting them ahead of Team Mortal. They then advanced to the Finale by defeating Team MAVI in their second meeting. In the end, they crushed Team Ronak 2-1 in the Grand Finals. The team received a ₹2.5 lakh first place payout from Krafton.

BGMI Holi Face Off 2024

The publisher planned the two-day celebration on the eve of Holi. It had sixteen influencer teams and a ₹6.4 lakh total prize fund. The eight teams that finished worst on the first day were eliminated from the competition. 

The Holi Face Off runner-up was Team Ronak. After beating Team Goblin in their first meeting, they started the second day on a positive note. In their rematch with Team Flicks, they remained the stronger team. 

Then, in the final round, the team was unable to defeat Team Parasite and was awarded ₹1.5 lakh in cash.

In the BGMI competition, Team MAVI placed third and won ₹1 lakh in cash. 

During their first encounter, the team overcame Team Alpha Clasher, but they were defeated by Team Red Parasite in their subsequent match.

In their first meeting on Sunday, Team Iflicks seemed strong, but in their second attempt, they were unable to defeat Team Ronak. With two victories from four matches in Playload mode, the BGMI squad was the best on Day 1. 

They were unable to produce the same outcomes in Arena mode, though.

The crowd favorite Team Mortal was ousted in the first round after losing to Team Parasite in their first game. 

In a similar vein, the first games were lost by Team Goblin, Team Alpha Clasher, and Team Classified YT.

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