BGMI Rising Star Showdown S3 2024 Winners, Results, Rankings

BGMI Rising Star

Carnival Gaming was victorious in the BGMI Rising Star Showdown S3, showcasing their incredible collaboration and skill during the Grand Finals. The group under Omega’s leadership scored 155 points, including 90 eliminations. 

In the eighteen games they played in the Finals, they won three Chicken Dinners. The team’s player Akshat was the second-best individual performer with 25 finishes in a row.

Entity had a fantastic run in the competition as well, placing second with 143 points. The last few weeks have seen the Samuraj-led squad perform exceptionally well. Gamlaboy of Entity was crowned the Grand Finals MVP after 27 eliminations.

Despite having several difficulties on Day 3, Reckoning Esports was still able to secure third place with 133 points. In the Finals, the lineup claimed four Chicken Dinners. With 25 kills, Punk, the squad’s IGL, had an incredible performance.

BGMI Rising Star Showdown S3 2024

Orangutan Gaming, with 120 points from 76 finishes, came in fourth. AKop, their BGMI star, faced 24 eliminations. The team had a lackluster start to the Grand Finals, but over the final two days, they showed excellent collaboration and secured a place in the top five.

Hyderabad Hydras, with 118 points, took fifth position. The team had a slow start to the Final, but on the third day, they won three Chicken Dinners, putting on an incredible comeback. 

Sixth place went to Team Soul with 107 points, 72 kills included. FS Esports and Team Forever each had 105 points.

With 92 points, Team 8Bit ranked ninth overall in the table. Chemin Esports, who had a strong Finals debut, struggled in their last six games and dropped to 10th place with 89 points. 

With 88 points, Gods Reign came in eleventh place on the rankings. The seasoned group, under the direction of Destro, performed merely adequate during the event.

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