BGMI Spooky Moth Silk Set Details, How To Obtain


Krafton has unveiled the new Spooky Moth Silk set in BGMI, which has Indian BGMI players thrilled with anticipation. 

The ensemble is fashionable and has an intriguing Moth wing pattern on the dress as well as fine detailing on the headpiece and top. It is accessible via a limited-time in-game event. 

The quests may demand the player to gather a certain number of items or to finish a certain number of matches. The events vary from simple tasks to challenging missions in Battlegrounds Mobile India

BGMI Spooky Moth Silk Set

The set, which includes a top, a bottom, and a headpiece, was launched on July 28. The skirt has a moth-wing design on it, and the top is a white silk shirt.

A white moth is perched on a black hat that serves as the headwear. The set, which is a part of the Spooky Silk Moth Event, costs 1200 UC in the store, and the first draw costs 30 UC. 

Although there are numerous methods to make the procedure simpler, players will need to use UC to purchase the set. 

Players who are serious about obtaining the set should start setting aside UC in order to buy the 1200 UC set. 

Free UC may be hard to come by, so players should save their money and only spend it on sets they are absolutely committed to getting. Players that take part in the Silk Moth Event may also get free UC. 

They may accomplish tasks and challenges to earn UC here, which they can then save up to use to purchase the set. 

While the set is still available for purchase, players should begin completing the many tasks available to gain UC as soon as possible.

Additionally, gamers should keep a watch out for sales on UC and other offers. It is advised that players keep an eye out for opportunities since Krafton often extends offers to its player base in an unexpected manner. 

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