ESL BGMI Pro Series Challenge Season Week 1: Team Prince Ranks First


After the first week of the ESL Snapdragon BGMI Pro Series 2024 Challenge Season, Team Prince finished first with 95 points. Throughout the first three days of the first week, the side remained in the lead. 

In nine games, they scored 95 points and two Chicken Dinners. The Prince-led squad was connected to Gujarat Tigers before to this tournament.

Gods Reign advanced to second place with 90 points in the last two days by demonstrating their strength and collaboration. 

On Day 2, the Destro-led team made outstanding performances that gave them a boost back into the competition. 

ESL BGMI Pro Series Challenge Season Week 1

After Day 1, Revenant Esports has 10 points and was ranked 27th. 

On the second day, the team led by Sensei shot up to eleventh position with 47 points. On the third day, they continued their incredible performance and gained three points, placing them in third place.

Blaze and Aquanox are the newest additions to the company’s BGMI portfolio. With 88 points, Alibaba Raiders—who just inherited the former Glitchx Reborn roster—claimed fifth place. 

With 87 points, Saumraj’s Entity Gaming took sixth place. In their previous six games, they have also recovered.

Following Day 1, Team Soul’s star lineup was ranked second, demonstrating their strong start to the BGMI competition. 

They performed admirably on Day 2 as well, but faltered on Day 3 and dropped to seventh position with 84 points. The Manya-led squad has collected two Chicken Dinners in nine matches thus far.

Despite receiving no Chicken Dinners, the Gujarat Tigers, playing with a fresh team, finished the first week with 76 points, enough for 10th place. After winning the Vikendi match on Day 3, Orangutan Gaming was ranked eleventh. Blind and OR Esports received scores of 66 and 72 points, respectively.

Team GodLike was unable to establish a commanding lead throughout the first week. With 64 points and 29 kills, the team finished in 16th position. The first week of the BGMI Pro Series saw several early exits for the Jelly-led team.

With 62 points, Team XSpark came in at number eighteen, followed by Carnival Gaming. On Day 3, Hydra Official raised their position and took 21st place with 58 points. 8Bit, Reckoning, and Global Esports received scores of 57,54, and 53 points, respectively.

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