Free Fire Booyah Pass March 2024 (Season 15) Details, Rewards, Price

Free Fire Booyah Pass

To the delight of the Free Fire community, the battle royale title now includes the March Free Fire Booyah Pass. A variety of distinctive cosmetics are introduced, including several clothing bundles that players may get by progressing through the stages. 

The Season 15 Booyah Pass has “Tales of Ponds” as its central themes, with frogs serving as the primary inspiration for the related items.

Users will have enough time to redeem the rewards because the pass is valid through the end of March. As always, you can only access the premium things if you upgrade your pass by using diamonds.

Free Fire Booyah Pass March 2024

On March 1, 2024, the Free Fire Booyah Pass was launched and will be active for 31 days. There are a number of cosmetics available, but the two incredible outfit bundles for female and male characters, respectively, the Ribbit Fable Bundle and the Ribbit Fairytale Bundle, are the main attractions.

Players that want to play for free can finish all of the levels and obtain every item on the free route. Get the Booyah Pass Premium or Premium Plus in the meantime if you want to receive special prizes. The price of the latter is 899 diamonds, while the former is 399 diamonds.

An advantage will be available to those that purchase the Premium Plus. However, it would be preferable to obtain the Premium and finish the pass within the month if they are prepared to grind.

What keeps gamers engaged in the Free Fire Booyah Pass is the frequent release of new incentives. Some of the primary benefits found in both the free path and the premium path are as follows:

Free rewards

  • Level 10: Skyboard – Ribbit Rip
  • Level 20: Tales of Puddles Banner
  • Level 50: Tales of Puddles Avatar
  • Level 70: Ribbit Hoodie
  • Level 80: Grenade – Ribbit Rain
  • Level 100: 5x Gold Royale Vouchers

Premium rewards

  • Level 1: Ribbit Fairytale Bundle + 4x extra Emote Slots + Elimination Announcement Icon + Gold Profile Badge
  • Level 10: Booyah Pass Pet Choice Crate
  • Level 20: Tuk Tuk – Ribbit Vacation
  • Level 30: Skyboard – Ribbit Rip
  • Level 40: Loot Box – Ribbit Peace
  • Level 50: MAC10 – Ribbit Rain
  • Level 60: Pan – Ribbit Rain
  • Level 70: Backpack – The Ribbit Song
  • Level 90: Ribbit Rider (Emote)
  • Level 100: Ribbit Fable Bundle + Cube Fragment + 20% Discount Privilege
  • Level 101 onwards: BP S15 Crate

Gaining the BP EXP through the various objectives in Free Fire will allow you to advance through the Booyah Pass.

How to obtain the rewards

To upgrade to the premium versions, take the actions listed below:

  • Click the Booyah Pass icon after starting the game.
  • The screen for Free Fire Booyah Pass Season 15 will show up, and you have to select “Upgrade.”
  • Make your selection and finish the payment.

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