Free Fire Demon Slayer Royale Begins: All You Need To Know

Free Fire Demon Slayer Royale

Garena has been regularly releasing a number of events that provide limited-edition items and collectibles as part of the collaboration between Free Fire and Demon Slayer. 

These rewards are either free to get or may be purchased with diamonds. Fans have paid close attention to the Demon Slayer Royale event, one of the crossover content, because of its amazing rewards.

Gold may be used to attempt to acquire them. This in-game currency’s accessibility allows a larger audience to take part in Demon Slayer Royale and compete for rewards.

Free Fire Demon Slayer Royale

The newest Luck Royale in this game is Free Fire Demon Slayer Royale.

You have till October 12, 2023 to collect spins in it after it went online on September 29, 2023. 

For a single spin during these two weeks, you may pay 1,000 Gold, as opposed to 10,000 Gold for the second option of 10+1 spins.

You will get items from the prize pool after finishing a spin, including the themed cosmetics. Free Fire Demon Slayer Royale provides the following rewards:

  • Gloo Wall – Tanjiro Style
  • Haganezuka Mask
  • Pan – Giyu Style
  • Jeep – Zenitsu Style
  • Funflair Hare (Bottom)
  • Funfair Hare (Bottom)
  • Funflair Hare (Top)
  • Funfair Hare (Top)
  • Jeep – Stormbringer
  • Monster Truck – Sabertooth
  • Motorbike – K.O. Night
  • Pickup Truck – Flame Draco
  • Full Stealth Backpack
  • The Baby Clown
  • The Wasteland Backpack
  • Earth Elemental
  • Fateful Wrath Loot Box
  • Box of Balance
  • Tin Can Loot Box
  • Beach Crate
  • Yellow Strike
  • Disease
  • Planet Destroyer
  • Wasteland Skyboard
  • Egghunt Paradise parachute
  • Sunshine Coconut parachute
  • Rapper Underworld parachute
  • Melody Blast parachute
  • The Brick Warrior avatar
  • Sound of Music avatar
  • Ruby Wolverine avatar
  • Battle Viking avatar
  • Brick Warrior banner
  • Perfect Tempo banner
  • Full Metal Wolverine banner
  • Viking’s War banner
  • Pop Host (Facepaint) 3d
  • Pop Host (Head) 3d
  • Pop Host (Mask) 3d
  • Pop Host (Shoes) 3d
  • Pop Host (Bottom) 3d
  • Pop Host (Top) 3d
  • Pumpkin Warrior (Head) 3d
  • Pumpkin Warrior (Shoes) 3d
  • Pumpkin Warrior (Bottom) 3d
  • Pumpkin Warrior (Top) 3d
  • Cunning Witch (Head) 3d
  • Cunning Witch (Shoes) 3d
  • Cunning Witch (Bottom) 3d
  • Cunning Witch (Top) 3d
  • Armor Crate
  • Leg Pockets
  • Scan
  • Secret Clue

With each draw, your chances of winning the more rare rewards will rise.

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