Free Fire DMC Ring Event Guide, Details, Rewards

Free Fire

A number of Devil May Cry 5 collaboration items, including costumes, emotes, gun skins, and more, have been reintroduced to Free Fire by the DMC Ring. 

The major draw of the event is the Hunter Dante Bundle with the Trigger Look change, however additional things like the Hunter Nero Bundle and the limited-edition Let’s Rock Baby emote are also highly sought-after.

The only way to get any of the items that are part of the collaboration is to use real money since diamonds are required for creating spins and drawing rewards. 

Free Fire DMC Ring

The Free Fire DMC Ring was released on September 2, 2023, and the Ring Luck Royale will continue until September 14, 2023, when the rewards must be claimed. 

A larger pack of 10+1 is offered for 200 diamonds, whereas a single spin in the Luck Royale costs 20 diamonds.

The Hunter Dante Bundle or cosmetics are not guarantees of the spins; moreover, you might get Hunter Tokens at random. The Free Fire DMC Ring’s prize pool is as follows:

  • Hunter Dante Bundle
  • Hunter Nero Bundle
  • Let’s Rock Baby emote
  • Ebony & Ivory (USP) Bundle
  • Cavaliere R
  • Hunter Token
  • 2x Hunter Tokens
  • 3x Hunter Tokens
  • 5x Hunter Tokens
  • 10x Hunter Tokens

Only in the specified exchange area may Hunter Tokens be used to obtain the collectibles. Even more items than the Free Fire DMC Ring’s prize pool are included in this section:

  • Hunter Dante Bundle – 250x Hunter Tokens
  • Ebony & Ivory (USP) Bundle – 250x Hunter Tokens
  • Hunter Nero Bundle – 150x Hunter Tokens
  • Let’s Rock Baby! emote – 100x Hunter Tokens
  • Shall We Dance? – 50x Hunter Tokens
  • Cavaliere R – 50x Hunter Tokens
  • Name Change Card – 40x Hunter Tokens
  • Room Card (1 Match) – 15x Hunter Tokens
  • Cube Fragment – 5x Hunter Tokens
  • Valentines Weapon Loot Crate – 4x Hunter Tokens
  • Amber Megacypher Weapon Loot Crate – 4x Hunter Tokens
  • Operano Weapon Loot Crate – 4x Hunter Tokens
  • Frozen Platinum (MAC10 + SVD) Weapon Loot Crate

There are no trade limitations in Garena; you are free to buy as many items as you want.

How to obtain the rewards

These steps may be used to add the Hunter Dante Bundle to your account:

  • Launch Luck Royale and choose the DMC Ring item from the left-hand vertical menu.
  • Spin the wheel with diamonds up until you get enough Hunter Tokens or the Hunter Dante Bundle. 
  • Go to the Exchange area and choose the desired item.
  • Verify your choice to get the special outfit. It may be equipped in the vault.

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