Free Fire M1917 Event Details, Rewards

Free Fire

Free Fire has been hosting Winterlands-themed events for a while, and they are about to come to an end. One of the final celebratory activities is the “Free M1917,” which was just made accessible. 

As the name suggests, it offers users the chance to accomplish particular objectives in order to receive a free M1917 pistol skin.

Players can also obtain weapon loot boxes and other awards in addition to the M1917 – Crowned Conqueror. The majority of users can finish the event’s criteria in a few days because they are simple to meet.

Free Fire M1917 Event

On January 1, 2024, the Free M1917 event was added to Garena Free Fire. It will last for one week, ending on January 7, 2024. 

Players will receive the M1917 – Crowned Conqueror gun skin during the event, which is a special skin that increases accuracy and magazine capacity but decreasing reload speed.

To obtain the offered prizes, players must essentially fulfill the conditions of either doing damage with pistols or utilizing pistols to eliminate a specific number of opponents. The requirements that need to be fulfilled are listed below:

  • Deal 2000 damage with pistols or eliminate 4 enemies with pistols (BR, CS, or LW modes): Get free 2x Random Loadout Loot Crates
  • Deal 6100 damage with pistols or eliminate 12 enemies with pistols (BR, CS, or LW modes): Get free 2x Ornamental Touch (Desert Eagle) Weapon Loot Crates
  • Deal 17000 damage with pistols or eliminate 36 enemies with pistols (BR, CS, or LW modes): Get a free M1917 – Crowned Conqueror

How to obtain the rewards

Once you have fulfilled the event criteria, you may use the given instructions to obtain the M1917 – Crowned Conqueror and all additional game rewards:

  • To begin, turn on the game on your mobile phone.
  • Click the “Events” icon that appears on the left side of the screen as soon as the Free Fire game launches.
  • After locating the “Free M1917” event, you may click the “Claim” button to start earning the related prizes.
  • The “Weapon” section of Free Fire contains equipment for the M1917 Crowned Conqueror that has been collected.

Since gun skins are valuable in Free Fire, people shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to obtain a free M1917 Crowned Conqueror. 

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