Free Fire Magic Cube Mayhem Event Details, Rewards

Free Fire

One of the events that will be offered in the future days in Free Fire is Free Fire Magic Cube Mayhem. As to the leaks shared by data miner @topleaks_ff, players will have a chance to obtain the Magic Cube during the new event, which they may then utilize to obtain their preferred outfit bundle.

As soon as the event appears in the game, all of its specifics will become visible. 

According to an Instagram post by data miner @topleaks_ff, the Free Fire Magic Cube Mayhem event is scheduled to start on April 9, 2024. It will start on April 14, 2024, and run for six days.

Free Fire Magic Cube Mayhem Event 

The game’s servers in Bangladesh and India will both support this event. When it starts, players must finish the necessary missions in order to obtain the valuable Magic Cube.

All of the details are conjectured upon because Garena has not confirmed the event. Nonetheless, reliable leaks from the data miner in the past suggest that the information will probably stay the same when the event is added to the game.

Because it can be exchanged for the limited-edition Free Fire costume package, the Magic Cube is one of the most sought-after items in the battle royale game. 

Most of the attire that can be redeemed comes from the Diamond Royale, one of the Luck Royales that was once playable in the game.

The Magic Cube bundles that are presently offered in Free Fire are listed as follows:

  • Ancient Glory Bundle
  • Energy Totem Bundle
  • Dawnlit Hitman Bundle
  • Dusklit Slayer Bundle
  • Bladebill Soarer Bundle
  • Doctor Red Bundle
  • Magma Bionicon Bundle
  • Lotus Blader Bundle
  • Nightbloom Slayer Bundle
  • Silver Samurai Bundle
  • Silver Empress Bundle
  • The Graffito Marino Bundle
  • The Graffiti Marina Bundle
  • Chicky Chic Bundle
  • Snappy Bundle
  • Enchanted Fable Bundle
  • Moonlight Ballad Bundle
  • Star Gazer Bundle
  • Mr. Nutcracker Bundle
  • Doctor Scarleete Bundle

Two or three times a year, Garena updates the Magic Cube shop, giving gamers new alternatives.

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