Free Fire MAX: New Luck Royale Voucher Changes Announced By Garena

Free Fire MAX

In Free Fire MAX, the Luck Royale Voucher will undergo a fresh set of changes, according to Garena, when the OB41 update is made available. 

A new Luck Royale Voucher will be added to the game, as per the information that is currently accessible.

Garena revealed that the existing Weapon Royale Voucher will be replaced by a new Luck Royale Voucher in the News section of Free Fire MAX. 

This year’s Free Fire MAX Luck Royale system has undergone many changes, including this one. The Incubator was previously removed off the list by Garena. 

The Gold Royale was updated to provide additional outfit rewards while also getting rid of the free spins option. 

Furthermore, the cost of each spin was increased to 1000 gold, with a total of 11 spins available for 10,000 gold.

Free Fire MAX Luck Royale Voucher Changes

On August 10, 2023, a specific Voucher exchange event will be released in Free Fire MAX. You may then convert your leftover Weapon Royale Voucher to Gold Royale or the brand-new Luck Royale Voucher by doing this.

The event’s specifications, such as the exchange method and the time frame for completion, have not been made public by Garena.

However, it is reasonable to say that you have two choices: utilise all of your current Weapon Royale Vouchers or, if you like, swap them later. 

Additionally, these Weapon Royale Vouchers will immediately change into Luck Royale Vouchers if they are still in your account.

Considering that the change is more of a like-for-like replacement of the voucher, the effect of this modification is not anticipated to be very significant. 

The next Luck Royale Voucher’s specifics and further functionality, however, remain unknown. The details will likely be clarified by Garena in the next few days.

The Luck Royale will also undergo other adjustments. The current Diamond Royale, which will expire in a few days, is the last of its kind. 

With the update, the Gold Royale and Weapon Royale will also be updated.

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